Thursday, March 11, 2010

Streak over?

So I got 3 games in last weekend *gasp*. All in all a good weekend. However my playing was less good. 2 massacres and a win.
First game was Saturday morning against orcs. I was deploying high apparently. I set my chariots straight across from his Black Orcs, crunch. He played savage orcs, which ignore my fear. My scorp misfired, so he moved him to a distant corner. Top of the 6th, just had my heiro and scorp left, and he stomped 'em both, massacre. I did screw up by not making him roll dispel dice for double 1s.
First game Sunday, Ogres and Dwarves, three way. I did a fair amount of damage here, but still got toasted here. I might have had troops @ end had I remembered liche and casket guard in the giants pouch when he died. Managed some nice flank charges with ushabti, including the giant. Held my own, but 2 forces just turned out to be to much.
Second Sunday game, Ogres only. Deployed with a pincer attack in mind, chariots on left, ushabti on right, lt horse on far right. Much better. Ushabti were blocked by some terrain, didn't support my guard so well, but they were useful later. Horse drew the manhunters off, keeping them from flanking guard. Chariots didn't do awesome, but they died for the cause, slowing one of his big units. Casket and SSC deployed on a hill far left, good plan for SSC, bad one for casket. With the SSC's range, this set it up to cover most of the board, while leaving the short range gap empty. The casket however was out of line of sight for most of the army just by being in the flank. I controlled half the board @ end, likely marginal victory, but didn't fully add points.
Of note, I used a King/prince/2lp list against the orcs, with my prince on a chariot. Since I still don't know how to use chariots, didn't go well. Also the short dispel sucked. Switched to King/3 lps for Sunday, much better. Not looking back.