Friday, April 15, 2011

Not your father's meta!

The interwebs are full of the meta-massives. The armies and builds that are sweeping the country. And I have no fear of them!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Malifaux update.

As everyone knows, I have been getting heavily into Malifaux. I have picked up the rules manual, and am going through, relearning the rules. I have gotten a few games in, but with everyone's focus being on the grow league, it hasn't been many. Everyone seems to like the game they played, and a few have expressed interest. Personally, I love almost everything about the system and the models. The only problem I have found is with a few mold lines.
I keep getting smoked with my Viktorias in my demo games, but I think I have found my error. The other crews I have tested all seem to be diverse and fun. Rasputina, ecspecially, has a lot of options and a good starting point in her box.
As a future, I plan on picking up some Ronin, 1 to have to paint at the Attactix thing, and 2 to be able to field them, I think it will be a good move over Bishop, and give me some soulstones. I like Bishop, pry more than Johan, but at the 25 soulstone level, I just need a larger pool, and his high points cost gives me more room with him gone.
As far as painting goes, I have my Viktoria crew done, and 2 of my Belles for Seamus done. I love painting these models, it's just fun. The Belles in particular have caught my interest. With out the squad mentality, I can paint every one like a single model. I painted their skin the same, but all the dresses are different. Its all the joys of painting characters, without the squads giving you the eye.
And I am even enjoying painting eyes, who'ld a thunk?