Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HLP Khalida Part 2

I have gotten a dress for my HLP. I think she is turning out very well. I have surprised myself at every stage. I also got the bandages of one sleeve covered, and removed the belt buckle and scarabs crawling on her clothes. I still have the other sleeve, the mask, a new belt buckle, and a symbol for the staff.

And the light dims.

In the last 24 I realised that I pry should have been sent home on Sunday from the tourney. Not because I was a terrible player, or because I was a bad sportsman, but because I needed to go read my army book.
Tomb Kings get 2 spells per turn! Only ever tried to cast one. Not sure it would have mattered in first came, could have definately helped in second.
Tomb Guard heal d6, not d3, and skelies heal highest 2d6. This wouldn't have mattered in the first game, nearly untouched, but the second game would have been dramatically different. Might not have lost my guard and my king. Though if I had still lost them, maybe I would have remembered the curse. Had they failed their Ld test, I would have done d6 wounds, no save(not even WARD saves). That would have hurt some deamons, I might not have gone home. *sigh*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Go home, you suck!

Not the exact words used, but I got the idea.
So, I went to Ghengis Con this weekend. Freakin' awesome! Hit the exhibitors and auction on Friday, Warhammer Fantasy on Sunday. Snagged a Game Zone standard bearer on horse, a couple books and a dinosaur game for my son.
The tournament was my first, and I will be back. Even though it ended poorly for me.
Game 1: Vampire Counts
Result: loss(massacre)
Undead vs undead = no fear. Literally. 1 asset gone. Doesn't help that their heal is better AND can straight summon. Opponents measuring wasn't exact, but whatever. Manage to take out spirit host with Tomb Gaurd. TG performed very well, I think I will be taking a king more often. Could a king/prince list be in my future?
Magic didn't really go either way, so the balance was good. He killed my chariots straight out of the gate with his dragon knights. The knights went on to mop up my back field. I don't think I could have set up better over runs had I tried.
In the end my Tomb Guard and King were all that remained.
I lost by some 2000+ points.
Game 2: Deamons
Result: lose(massacre)
This game actually went better, though the result was the same, just with a significantly smaller margin. Magic here was definately in the favor of Chaos. 2 Tzeentch sorcs, one for nurgle with a nasty continuation spell. This game, he wanted my general. He tore into my TG with magical abandon. It didn't help I kept getting the T wrong. 1st turn, half gone, then back to 15. Managed to keep 'em going through the barrage and into charge. But they eventually died after Ushabti quit and Khorne hounds turned. Chariots didn't make much of a showing, but did get charge, killing hound and wounding another. Not sure I know how to use chariots ;-)
This guy was a true pleasure to play. To start kinda tight lipped, had me worried, but after a turn or so, it was a great game.
Round 3: Nobody
Result: draw
This is where it turned to shit. Calling tables... "Allan come see me." WTH? Walk up, give him my name, turns out a player dropped due to family emergency, I have no opponent, and since I apparently suck the most, I 'get' a concilation prize(GW starter paint kit). I entered the tournament knowing I was going to get trounced, big deal, I wanted the games, I can't beg them around here. The worst possible out come for me. Asked me what I wanted for my prize, told him I didn't care. I truly didn't, I wasn't getting what I wanted.
He did take the time to go over my paint score with me, so that was nice. I need to do more highlights(like silver blade edges), a board would help, some markings(free hand or not), and custom banners. Running my craptacular swarms didn't help, I'm sure. But that's what happens when you arrive with a illegal list and realise right before start(only 2 of 3 core choices).

All in all a good day, but that end really ruined it for me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

High Liche Priestess Khalida

The Tomb Kings army has a grand total of 3 liche priest models. 2 come in 1 blister, the other comes with the casket of souls. I don't particularly like the casket, thus have made my own. The LP can be bought separately, but direct from GW only, so will cost me $22 with shipping. I don't fancy converting the other 2 LPs into my third LP, as those models aren't really all that stunning to begin with. Then I had an idea, while looking at my favorite model in the TK range, Khalida.

I love this model. Could I convert it into a priestess? Could I do it, and make it look like something besides Khalida?
The first thing I had to do was remove the crown. LPs don't have crowns, queens do. I also removed the snake from the top of the staff. Its a very Khalida mark, and I didn't want another asp LP, one of those comes in the blister.

Now came the first challenge: Green stuff the hair back on. Now, this won't be hair, but part of a head dress that will give the semblance of hair, the same as the 'hair' left on Khalida.

At the same time, I started putting more clothes on the model, this will cover the bandages of Khalida and give the model a LP look, losing the mummy look.

A word of warning, if you are going to do front modeling, right after modeling something on the opposite side, watch where you put your fingers. I actually had to do the hair twice, as I finished the shirt and saw that the back of the head was a bowl roughly the size of my finger.
I plan to make the model a priestess of the goddess of beauty. As such, I will be finishing the mask to cover the whole face. I also left the breasts so that the can be shown as a sort of bronze bra. The idea behind the bra, mask, and hair is to give the impression that, even though she has lived for hundreds of years, she is still showing radiant beauty, as a tribute to her goddess.
Next will likely be dress, and possibly sleeves. I am also using left over GS to fashion a lotus for the staff top(I think). The mask will have to wait till I get my jeweler's visor, the work will be just to minute(and hopefully, not beyond my skill).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some nids and wolves and some necrons

So, yesterday, I had the chance to get some 40k in. Played a couple games. Didn't do so well.
First game: Space Wolves, 'Nids, and me(Tau).
Different space wolf player than I usually play. Game came to a draw, but I definately lost.
First 3 turns were a lot of terrible dice rolls. by turn 4 I was so decimated that I couldn't do much. I did have a squad of firewarriors hidden in a devilfish. Unfortunately, the nid player knew enough of me to take this out. I sneaked my warriors by, but his Trygon Prime was able to circle around and take them out. The space wolf player lost his troops, leaving the nids with a single genestealer squad to take the objective. Luckily, the SW Land Raider took them out, leaving nobody to claim the 3 objectives, giving me a draw. It was rather pitiful. It seems that my tricks are all learned, and that I can no longer play an all comers list. Need to change it up, seems to be the problem with playing the same guys all the time.
Second game was even worse(believe it or not). Forfiet on turn 5. This one was capture and control as well. Using corners, I started with the same dismal rolling. My problem here was more of ignorance than anything else. Against 'crons, I have to change my play style considerably. My standard starters out with about half in reserve, including my plasma suits. Against necrons this setup needs to be reversed. I need to keep my hammerhead in reserve(*gasp*) and put my plasma, vespids, and other low AP weapons out. Even though I was playing the SW player, I think I could have done better by having my HHs show up later, leaving them alive and in better shape when the monoliths arrive. Not having the rail support to hit those monstosities when they come out left me in a bad spot(stupid no melta).
Some changes I made recently:
Drop the FW Devilfish for more FWs
Kept the Piranha, but thinking should go for a Carbine squad. Melta isn't doing it anymore.
Cutting out seeker missiles, been using lights for targeting.


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