Monday, September 20, 2010

Mental powers RULE!!!

So, I started into a D&D 4e game yesterday. I have a character for the PHB 3, thanks to a friends D&D Insider account. I'm a Shardmind Psion. He(it) is sweet. I am made of crystal, a living construct, and I don't need to eat or sleep or breathe. My powers lend towards the Telekinetic side of things. In the final encounter I was able to basically control an entire side of the combat, keeping just ahead of the enemies, and taking out the minions who were killing hostages. I guess its the second time the rest of the group had done the encounter, and the first time they wiped. They seemed impressed by my character, since apparently another player also had a psion, but was kinda sporadic in how he played. We made it through a dust storm hiding the entrance and took a midday extended rest. I can already see that I am going to rub a bit. Though it does explain why they used their Dailies in the first encounter. And against less than brutal opponents. It might have been fear of a rewipe, but we'll see.

After the DM Greg and Chad left, the rest of us, Josh, Mike(Josh's cousin?), and myself threw down a little 500pt game. Mike is just starting his 'Nids, so this is what he had. I ran 2 standard Chaos Space Marine squads of 5, a close combat Defiler, and a Tzeentch Daemon Prince with wings, Warptime, and Bolt of Change, 500 even. Josh ran Orks, 1 squad Boys and Mek in Warwagon, with a Def Dred that just set in the back guarding his objective. Mike ran 5 Genestealers, a Hive Tyrant, 2 squads of 3 Warriors, 1 close combat, one ranged.
Rolled Capture and Control and we tied, shocker. All in all in went pretty well. I managed to hold on to my objective, even when it went basically 2 vs me.

Next Sunday looks to be either more D&D or paint and play 40k.
Either way, I will crush them with my mind!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tacticon Day 2 - Warhammer Fantasy

This tournament could have gone better. I finished 10th, but there were only 18 players. Still middle of the field, which was my goal, and saying 10th sounds nice. I should have done better, finishing painting would have given me at least 9th. Having played my first game to completion would likely have given me many more, but more on that later.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tacticon Day 1- Warhammer 40k

Day 1 is here. I got to throw down some fun games of 40K, and managed to take 31st with a win and two loses. There were 44 players, so I didn't make my midfield goal. It was a load of fun, and depending on how they change things for next year, I am definitely going.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Its the night before Tacticon, and I am totally stoked. Though, even without taking time to post, I didn't get my armies painted. Should be painting now, but I, of course, forgot my paints.
Well, I guess its off to bed for some very much needed sleep.