Wednesday, September 21, 2011

State of the 'faux

Been a little bit, so I thought I would throw up a quick update. After my painting class at Tacticon, I thought I should finally put my hand in on some blending. The hooded rider you see above is exactly that. I blended almost everything. I really like how the muscle turned out. I used pallette spectrum blending, and I think I have the hang of it. Now I have to blend all my single models now.
I also played my first game with my first rider. I have no idea how I like him. It was a game against Jay's Rasputina. He ran Rasputina, dual silent ones, 3 gaming, and a cerebus. I danced my SPAs forward, formed a Desolation Engine, and kinda sat in the open. Turn 2, my engine killed a silent one, then died, followed by the 2 SPAs, while the rest of my crew moved up. Jay, of course, stepped way back into the left corner, away from my stuff. A quick look at the table told me that Jay was gonna hide, I had a Belle on each flank, Leviticus and his Waife in the center of my edge, and the rider towards the center, behind trees. With the Viktorias, I would have to try and find a way to crack that shell, though I'm not sure I could have pushed him back so easily. However, I'm play Leveticus, its Reconnoitre, I have soulless life and exterminate constructs, I can play this game. So I do. Leveticus sits in the back blessing the waife, and using death's lesson to insure she kills him, creating a SPA, which will combine on 6 to create a new engine. Both Belles hide behind trees, and the rider sits near the center to take on Cerebus should he hunt my right bells. Meanwhile, Jay decides to move his crew up the left side. With my belle over there hidden, my engine coming from that side, and being right in Leveticus's threat zone, I'm none to worried, heck I may even get exterminate, which I wrote off. I think Jay is seeing he may have held back to long, but maybe not. Then he moves his Cerebus towards my right Belle, here it is, the rider moves up, I don't think he is in range, but still hoping, making sure I am getting as close as possible. The whole time Jay is watching me like a hawk, I say something, he says something, I point out it won't make and prove its a inch short. He said something about just a fun game, I said he never played one, and its over. He got all hurt, we had a discussion about the definition of a "fun game", and I spend the rest of the day watching John vs Other John play Collette vs McMourning. It was a pretty interesting game, both guys new to the game, I think I am going to try and snag one or the other for a game this Sunday.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tacticon day 2

Ok, so this should have been posted WAY earlier, but who was gonna read it anyway ;-)
K, so day 2 of the 40K tourney, I am sitting 1 draw 1 lose. Not sitting pretty, 20 points, I think I'm running 2nd of the 3 guys from the store. I enjoyed both of my day 1 games, and both were against an army I had never played. Day 2 started facing Chaos, the army I play. Interesting. He is running 1 squad of oblits, defiler, a unit of noise, another of plague, 2 units of marines, landraider with kharne and some berserkers. I think I had this in the bag from the start. I played well, killed what I needed to, its a favorable match up, and he held his defiler in the back for fear of the oblits. Drew C&C, I won everything else. Great opponent, great game.

Game 4, versus vanilla marines, and here the fun ends. Dual landraiders with termies, razor spam. Went almost all reserve, deploying a single devestator squad, or rather half of it. First turn I wipe the devs off the table, second turn his razors come in, raiders do not. This is good for me, if I can take them out, I can take my time on the landraiders. Immobilise one, stun the other that flanked, the one that came in his edge just sits there the whole game. Spend the rest of the game much the same way. Turn 5 is a draw, 6 I'm hanging on, but of course it goes to 7 and I get tabled. Not a good opponent, argued everything, I was wrong once. Apparently he had a history at the old store of being a not so fun opponent.
Game 5, versus Nids. He is running horde, hormagaunts, termagaunts, ravenors, terranifex, 3 single zoanthropes, hive tyrant. Lots to kill, likely more than I could. The main problem was that I had never seen ravenors ran effectively. I think some better target priority there would have helped, they are what beat me. Everything else I dealt with or hit me late enough to just be a nuissance. Also, not a real enjoyable game, and tabled me top of 5.

At this point I was kinda in a grumpy mood, and since I was already planning Malifaux at Genghis Con, not planning to be back I'm February. With wrecking crew running things, I don't think I will be alone. WOO, more people for Malifaux.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 1 Tacticon 2011

Day 1 is done. It went alright, with a draw then a loss. Game 1 was against Eric with Dark Eldar this time. He was the player I played round 3 at Genghis. Another good game, coming down to the final turn. I took kill points, he took capture and control, and we tied seize ground. My first game against DE was enjoyable, and my second game against Eric.

Game 2 was against Adam Tricola, a good player, usually runs Space Wolves, but took DE this time. I saw the postings and knew I was in for help of a battle. He did not disappoint. I fought hard, but too many targets and no mistakes to take advantage of left me unable to score any points. I truly enjoyed this game as well, and it showed I lack against horde anything. I hope to make top tables again to play Adam, he usually isn't in my neck of the woods.
Looking forward to tomorrow, being firmly in the lower ranks, I don't have to care as much, and can just play the fun. If my opponents follow suit, I will be in good shape.

How many DE can you shove in one corner?