Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What the hooey is that?

Something horrifying is comig down the pipe.Yep, that's right, Age of Sigmar. The GW sales rep is really pushing the store to run a league. My goal? To see just how far. I have messed around with it a bit and decided that it seems kind of fun. I even want to bring out my Tomb Kings for it. The Ogres... Sorry, Ogors... don't actually seem all that great. I will be making a change, moving from model count to wound count. Likely adding in some force org stuffs as well, just to limit the stupid, and give it some sort of balance.

The crazy is that I plan to try and get the rep to basically just give away models to EVERYBODY. At least everybody whom completes the league. And I am even bringing my little ones into it.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The New Obsession

So, recently this blog has been fairly dead. Not because I am dead, just that I haven't found the time to upload my pictures. I even have a post all ready to go, I just don't have any pictures to go with it. It may be posted without any eye candy. However, in the mean time I thought I would post about new game I am trying to get into. Guild Ball.

Guild Ball is a soccer based tabletop game. Each players has a team of six members, including a leader and a mascot. You score points by either scorig goals(4 points) or taking out opponents(2 points). Each player(member) is a character in their ow right. Each has their own abilities and skills.

So far it has bee very interesting, very strategic. Also, all the rules are available online and even include paper dolls to stand in for the first season players. I have mainly gotten games in versus my kids, but it is looking good. I hope to pick up models for the three of us soon.

If you're interested, check them out, over at Steamforged Games. Under the community menu, there is a section for resources, that is were you will find the rules, player cards, and paper dolls.