Sunday, February 23, 2014

To Infinity... Again

Game one of the Infinity league was played by all yesterday. My first round was against Dave and his Ariadna force. It was his first game, but I think he put together a very solid list with what he had. It looks like I may have to make a Infinity batrep sheet, as I can't remember exactly what he took, or what his missions were. You can read on to see how the game turned out. All the new players seemed to have enjoyed their games, even though it was big guys versus little.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Genghiscon comes to a close

Another Genghiscon comes to an end. It is now President's Day, and its time to start the recovery and work for Tacticon(you know, if I didn't procrastinate). The highlight of the weekend for me was likely the above. My Izamu took third in the large miniature category.

My Steampunk Dorothy didn't do near as well. The person I talked to wasn't in on the judging, but didn't think she made the first cut.

I also ran the 40K and Malifaux events. The KoGT blog has a quick run down of how the 40K event went. The Malifaux event went fairly well, with nine entries. I only had one completely painted force, so Troy received painting award. He also took first, with Patrick coming in second. I met some new faces, including fellow Henchman Monica, though she wasn't able to play.

As an odd player event, I was able to get in a couple of games, before one player dropped. You can read after the break if you want to know about that.
Due to family stuff, I may not be running an event at Tacticon, but I plan to be back at Genghiscon.

Monday, February 10, 2014

No games, but plenty of painting

I didn't get in any game this week on account of Iron Man Painting, but I did manage to get four models painted, two of which have had me stumped for a while. The four models were Izamu, Joss, Malifaux Child, and my Killjoy proxy. Shots of all the individual models after the break.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No, really, I do have hobby progress

As of late my posting of hobby progress has been a little on the light side. Most of that is due to spending a lot of time on boards for Malifaux. Pictures of which I hope to post soon, hopefully completed. However, it hasn't all been terrain. I have been working on The Duke for my Inquisimunda crew, even though I fear they may go down fast in a blaze of glory, or more likely a slow painful dwindling death. Currentlly he is a butchered chest, partially attached arms, a pack with a couple large guns, and some blue tack on a flying stand. When I manage to score some bits, I will get back to work and make in presentable. Another project I started in the last couple days was a proxy for Malifaux Killjoy. As I am not a huge fan of the model, but have been kinda liking him in game, I decided to try out the Bones from Reaper. The model I chose was a Ettin, which I removed the clubs and added a cleaver and hooked chain, in line with the Malifaux model and rules. The cleaver was from my Ogres, with some added notches for wear. The chain was partially from the warriors of chaos sprue and some actual chain used for jewelry. The size and shape is a bit different, but I think it will work when painted. I tried to make the chain look like he is ripping it back and getting ready to follow up with the cleaver, but I think the arm pose may be a little off. I am not sure how it will end up on the final piece, but I am going to go with it for now. I do plan to try and bring in some of the grotesquery of the original, but we shall see. My whole aversion to painting gross and all.
This model, Joss, Izamu, a Malifaux Child that is inbound, and a few Infinity models are on my docket for this weekends Iron Man Painting. Joss and Izamu take precedence seeing how they have been WIP for a while. An understatement for Izamu. But I do hope to get all of the Malifaux models finished. The Infinity stuff is just filler, and I do need to get them painted, since I made it required for my league. Either way, I'm off to get some more terrain done, maybe some plaques, maybe work on player packs, ...... maybe I have a little too much on my plate. ..... Nah.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The finer points of Tara

I managed to squeak in a game of Malifaux on Saturday versus the infamous Shaffer. It was basically a test run of my thoughts last week on choice of beater. You will have to read on to discover how that went. I will say, however, that my new job is putting a crimp on my gaming. I have gone from several games a week, to begging for one.