Monday, August 16, 2010

No Fear!

So, I faced them. I have faced the army I feared the most, and the army type I was worried about. And I fear them no more. Though, I of course forgot to take any pictures.

So, I threw down against two armies this last Saturday. The first was a heavily mechanised Salamander Army. I lost, but I think I would have done better had he dropped one of his pods first turn, because on the second turn my Terms had nothing to do and just kinda hid in my back field, which didn't matter, because they got hit and fled off the board. With my sorceror. My DP managed to bring some hurt, Wind of Chaos is pretty awesome. In the end, I placed my objectives to far foward, thinking I would invade. Just couldn't get in there.

The second game was also a lose, but was against IG Leafblower wannabe. His heavies were all Leman Rus Exterminators(I think, plasmas). Held everything in reserve, and had second turn. This meant I survived 2 turns with 0 loses. Which made me able to turn to the peanut gallery and say "Told ya I would last past first turn. And then I screwed up. BIG! Almost everything dropped in second turn, save pne unit of Sons in their Rhino. My DP dropped beside the Russes, all lined up perfect for two Winds of Chaos on two of the Russes. Resulting in only them being shaken, but no shooting from these... SWEET. My Obliterators dropped in behind, and my Terms dropped behind his circled Chimeras and some troops. A couple blams and I would be rolling. Except, I forgot. With both. I had it in the bag, could have popped the last Rus with my Oblits in twin linked melta range, cutting the Russes to two that couldn't fire, and continued to wreak havoc next turn. I could have fired on the unit(though in hind sight a chimera may be a better target, don't know) maybe even sending them off the board. Instead, both units then took heavy fire and damage, and put me back on the back foot.
My setup and strategy were sound, I just failed to pay attention, and payed heavily.

Though I lost both games, I learned plenty. I did drop Bolt of Change on my Sorceror for Winds of Chaos. The multiple shots, and ability to at least glance bigger vehicles, possibley multiple bigger vehicles, is just to good to pass up. I feel that my list is pretty strong. Not uber, garuanteed win strong, but fun not getting blown off the table strong.

My biggest worry is my Tomb Kings. I am well on my way to no games with a new list AND a new system. I think I am just going to have to play games with my self. Awesome.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tacticon update

I've been making pretty steady progress, having started rivets on my rhino, brought my Dread up to greenstuffing, and started and almost finished my new Defiler. Today its greenstuff, hopefully a game or two, preferably fantasy, and I still need to start skinning my last Rhino.

Next weekend, some of the guys and I are getting together to paint, and I would really like to have my army built by then. I'm still waiting on to EBay orders that will finish off my Obliterators and give me my claws for all my terms.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Week in review

I plan to throw up some weekly updates, in hopes of keeping my self on task and on target. I have already signed up for Tacticon in both Fantasy and 40K, so I need to get cracking with only a month left to go.

I finished painting the base coat of my Thousand Sons Acolytes, and started in on the terminators, getting most of the blue painted, but thats about it. Sounds kinda pitiful, and with the dark color of the blue and the black primer, it looks even more so. So, no picture for those, just have to take my word for it.

I was able to get in 2 games with me list on Sunday. Both 3 ways against 'Nids and Sisters. The first was sieze and control with standard set up. Went pretty well. I marshalled my forces, advancing out of my deployment to engage the Sisters, then pulling back my Sons to control my objective, and fend of the encroaching 'Nids. In the Nid deployment zone, he only left some Warriors, but since nobody was really headed that way, they were in prime position to hold that objective. That just wouldn't do! So, my Daemon Prince stepped up, deep striking in and drawing both the Warriors and a unit of Hive Guard into a protracted combat, which saw the Guard dead early, and the Warriors hurting when the end came and only the Prince was in range of the objective. Across the board the Sisters held their objective, some of my Sons held mine. Sisters and Acolytes draw, Nids lose.

The second game was kill points. I toasted this one. The Sisters became mostly fodder for the other two armies. I did plenty of mopping up after the Nids, finishing off squads and taking points. I also took down plenty of Nids along the way as well. The next round would have seen the Nids doing some catch up, but to Calvin's dismay, there was no next turn.