Sunday, December 25, 2011

State of the Tau

In a sort of Christmas Eve Bash(or just a game), Troy and I met up at Hobby Town for a game of 40K. We might have played Malifaux, but I couldn't print the cards he wanted, so, Tau versus Tyranids. And I forgot to take any pictures of course.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

State of the 'faux

This will be short and sweet. Well, short anyway. And no pictures cause I spaced.
I played a game against a guy who sometimes comes by Hobby Town. He has a Perdita box. I let him choose Leviticus or Viktorias. He chose Leviticus. I should have gone Viks. The complexity of my crew versus him not knowing his own crew made it a frustrating game for him. Though at one point Leviticus had 1 wound and both Waifes were dead, before end of turn. I had to stone to stay alive. And my hand was crap. Unfortunately, he wanted to call it before it became a thing, because we had Deathwatch. I think it was just a bad game for him. I felt bad, I hope I can get another game in soon, so I can show him the power of his crew.

On Sunday, I played Tim. I was going to blow it off, as I was meeting a friend I hadn't seen in a while, but John said he was finally gonna show. Well, he didn't. And I felt bad that Tim wasn't going to get a game. I told him I wanted a quick game. And quick it was. I pull Treasure Hunt, he pulls something else. I Frame for Murder Taelor and Bodyguard the Viks. Taelor moves to take the Treasure, and gets smoked hard. Game plan down, I say screw it, and try to feed him my crew to get out. And fail. My Ronin takes more to kill than Taelor. Gun Vik charges in and kills a Stalker, spreading damage across his entire clumped up crew. She then pulls Sword Vik around and into combat. Slaps Samael, then masks onto a Stalker, kills it, splash kills another, I stone to save Gun Vik, Sword Vik is out of second blast, I might slap Samael again, but he dies. Sword Vik moves up to melee range on Sonnia to stop her shooting. He get initiative, awesome. I would have probably stoned to get a lower one here. I have a ton of stones, he has none. Sonnia truest to do something to kill Sword Vik, I manage to stop her. My turn. I pull gun Vik back to pull sword.Vik out, cause Sonnia has firey death thing on. Then, for some reason I try to shoot her. No idea. I hit sword Vik instead, cheat to nothing. It's ok, I still got this. I swap with sword Vik, then she pulls gun Vik out. K, now I'm where I need to be. Miss Demeanor rapid fires into Sonnia, killing her in a shot. Everyone is out of range of her boom. Gun Vik snags the treasure and heads home. Two turns left, I make it without even flipping for extra turns. Not how I wanted a 'quick' game to go down, but I'll take it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

State of the Tau

I know, I know, what kind of broken trash, WAAC player brings Tau to the table. I know you all come here to get easy going, just for fun gaming. But hey, I like to win, too! Alright, joking aside, I know that my plethora of readers are all imaginary, but it is time to dust off my Tau. It's been a while, I picked up CSM, won a bit with them. Lost a bunch of tourney games with them, stupid anti-meta club meta. Dabbled in Eldar. Realised Eldar are the Tau without the shooty, but faster. And getting some games in before the new 'dex drops and ruins my day couldn't hurt.
Anyway, on to the actual topic.

Monday, December 12, 2011

State of the 'faux

I managed to get 3 games in this weekend, including 1 at Hobby Town! But in a cold muddled stooper I only took pictures at the first one at Hobby Town. Ah well.
The first game was on Saturday at the good old HT. I played James, good guy, but this was only his fourth game. I'm pretty sure the other three were against my Viks, so I thought I would switch to Leviticus, you know, to be nice. Strategy was shared escape and survive, we both had Stake a Claim and he had Breakthrough, I had Kill Protege. I did some coaching through out, some good, some less so. Not on purpose bad, just maybe not the best, such as the end game move, which I had him gamble more than I should have. I basically only took two significant models, Leviticus and the Hooded Rider. Underhanded? Definitely. Why? Well, with my SPAs combining, it meant that at the end of my first turn I was sitting at 150% of my starting significant models. Options: run my to super fast big guys around, keeping them alive, and acing the game while Leviticus munches the enemy; OR take it to him and bash heads. I may have taken Leviticus against a starter crew, but I do have limits. And I was a about out of it. Anyway, the game was rough. I did my best to offer helpful suggestions. I think he focused to early on his schemes, though I was to slow on mine. I mostly just munched his crew dropping him below the 50% mark real early. He managed to off both the Desolation Engine and the Rider, leaving just Leviticus and a max of two points for strategy for me. In hunting his last guy I pulled Leviticus to far back and almost lost those two. His Judge was dead, guaranteeing me those two. I coached him to try and kill my Waife and stop me from killing and thus moving Leviticus back out. What probably should have happened was him moving his guy around the stake a claim TP and into his breakthrough, getting both for a tie. Would have worked, but was aweful close eyeing it. Good game, very close. I wasn't on top of it at all, either helping him or playing me, on two turns Leviticus lived when I didn't want him to. Mind you, this meant that my broken trash game plan should have ended in a tie, but whatever.
Game two was on Sunday at TEG. It was another one versus Tim. Shared Distract. I only took 2 SPAs trying to start with less and build more. It didn't work so well, about how it usually goes. I also had three belles and a canine. The name of this game was blast. Things turned when he made a comment about he had eight stones and I only had three. I pointed out that he only had two models versus my eight. The he dropped his blast, getting severe and taking out three models and hurt another. Then munch munch munch just Leviticus and two waifes left, then blast shift two inches blast blast my everything is gone. But I still had it, if it doesn't go on to seven and give him time to move back into his zone. It went to seven, curses.
Game three I decided to not run any SPAs, and it went better than trying two. I think its the difference between basing my list on SPAs and not having enough and excluding them completely and not worrying about them. Also, watching the blasts better had to help. We had shared Contain Power, he took both of the guild schemes, Raid and the other one, basically he needed to kill all my minions while saving his. Um... Thank you. Maybe he was cocky from the previous game, I don't know. I even threw caution to the wind and took Thwart. First time I ever got it. This game went the other way from the last. This was my game to win. Not much really to say, and less that I remember. Running zero SPAs seemed more effective than running two. And it was a fun different way to play.
I picked up Ramos, and I am in the process of magnetizing the spiders. I will need to get some games in with him to have a feel by Genghiscon, but I'm itching to try the spiders with Leviticus. Hank not so much, but we'll see.

Monday, December 5, 2011

State of the 'faux

I got to play two games this weekend and it felt good. I even managed to keep Leviticus in his box. That's right, I played the Viks, TWICE. I even managed to win one of 'em. This was not that game. It was 25ss versus Tim's Sonnia box crew. Shared strategy, flipped Supply Wagon. Actually flipped Reconoitre, but that's what he and I played last, then Line in the Sand which I played the game before, and thought it was against Tim. Anyway, now its Supply Wagon. For some reason I was still thinking Recon when I picked schemes and took Breakthrough. I forget my other scheme, but it doesn't matter. Taelor escorted my wagon forward, a ronin went up the side for breakthrough, but with the corner deployment her chances were slim. I churned through soulstones trying to keep the Viks alive, and then just ran out. He ate my crew, then Taelor alone guarding the wagon. In the end, all I had left was the Ronin and a desperate chance to get breakthrough and knock his hold out. Wasn't worth it, called it 8-0. Not a good showing. I need WAY more practice with the Viks. I'm not at all strong with them and tend to rush to my death WAY to early, if I can hold back, I do really well, as shown by my next game.

Ok, now we flip individual strategies, but both flip A Line in the Sand. Having realised by now I hadn't played Tim this one, I jump in 100 percent. I chose Frame for Murder on my Miss Demeanor, but keep it hidden. My second scheme was Hold Out, a pretty easy one I know. He runs the same thing, I run all 3 Ronin and Miss Demeanor. He says that a pillar should be on the center line, I don't argue. I start with a handful on Rams, but can't get him to shoot Miss Demeanor*sigh*. She gets stomped by Sonnia, making me very sad, but then less sad when I realise that's my scheme. Ronin snags the pillar TNT, Viks another, another Ronin a corner one, last Ronin the other corner, and the first Ronin the last dynamite. He moved Sonnia up a pillar just because he could, and she didn't do much after killing MD, except fall for 6 damage. In the end, he got Bodyguard, failed Assassinate, I killed 2 Ronin sepoku style, won all my schemes, and full points on the strategy, 7-2. Next turn would have been who went first gambles to get Assassinate or break Bodyguard. A loss wasn't even an option for me early on, maybe even at crew selection, I was super fast.
If I can keep my crew together and separate theirs I am set. I just need to learn to control my self and remember I'm not playing Levi.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Road to the con 2012

Peak has started at work and my progress has slowed substantially, but I have managed to make progress on my hanging tree and my bayou board, though I wanted the bayou board to be done this weekend. I need to pick up the pace. Weather isn't helping, as the low temperatures will make spraying difficult.

I think I will start digging into the graveyard board next. Pun not intended, but I will definitely take it.