Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And a Psion dies.

Well, technically not dead, but the campaign is. I was really enjoying my Shardmind Psion. His telekinetic powers let him control the battle field, while his damage powers were able to take down any foe. The Dark Sun module was very difficult, with several losing scenarios that pushed the story. I liked the challenge, and the not always going to win feel was nice. However, Josh didn't like it, and he is a baby. He totally sabotaged the campaign. It was a low move. Greg tried to bring it back, and I'm sure he could have, but Josh would have just done something else.
So, now we are starting a new one, in which I am looking at being an elemental Shaman. Unfortunately, the races that fit the stats I need aren't really ones I want to play. I could play another Shardmind, but I was getting really tired of the genital jokes my character seemed to invoke. I don't know.
Time to do some primal chanting.

Whats this? A win?

That's right folks! Tomb Kings have scored a win. And not just a win, but a Solid Victory. I managed to take down some Dwarves. A week before I even tied some High Elves, which sucked, because I pulled that from at least a Solid Victory, hoping for a Major one *sigh*. But not this time, this time I assessed my chips, and just went for a win, any win. It was a near perfect match up, I was running Khalida and her giant unit of archers, he was running artillery Dwarves. They just set back and let me poison them to death.
I had tried a combat heavy list against the High Elves, and it worked out well, but I think part of that was due to my opponent splitting his forces to much. This Khalida list, with its single huge Archer unit, 2 Screaming Skulls(that's right, 2. Thank you Jack Hand), and a Casket, will do better for me, especially in the league, as I am facing an Empire army(other empire player dropped), a Dwarf army, Saurus, and a Dark Elf Hydra(likely 2). I plan on taking something similar to Ghengiscon.
A few more wins, and I will have a few wins.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Week 5 of the grow leagues sees the first non-book scenario: Trick or Treat. Very similar to watch tower, but changed in that you can charge the building and get a Trick or a Treat. I was only able to get a single charge off, before my opponent occupied it. The result was an Ironcurse Icon for me and a lose for my record. I still have to play my second game this coming weekend, and plan to go for the win, instead of the loot. While of all the available items, the Ironcurse Icon is the best for me, I think a win would be better.