Thursday, May 30, 2013

TMI: Beyond Critical Mass

I had a fairly busy weekend this past holiday, starting with TTB, rolling into a Malifaux game versus Nate, then Super Dungeon on Saturday. On Sunday, I went to a tournament in Westminster, 2000 points, three rounds. More on that later.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

OTT: Losing focus


Five days to go until Summer Showdown in Westminster, and all I have to do is finish my remaining Hellions and the two details that have just been sitting on the Baron. I won't finish his cloak, as I am back to trying to decide a symbol, as the one I was using just isn't working for me.
But, I just can't get myself to power through it. The detail on the Hellions is kinda a pain, and hidden by they glaives. Hence, the reason I am writing this instead of painting. *sigh* I guess, back to it.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

TMI: In through the breach, out through the warp!


I managed to get a full day of gaming this week, starting with Through the Breach at 10 at Qdoba. I can't say much on that, other than the character creation system is really awesome. After that it was off to Hobby Town for some more gaming.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OTT: All quiet on the western front


It's been almost a week since I last posted. Things have been pretty hobby free around here, with me being out of town over the weekend, and general hobby spaz on what I did work on. I finally managed to get my Hellions primed on Monday as it stopped raining. I took it a step further and airbrushed the base coats on the Hellions and the missiles for the Razorwing. As far as spazzing has been, I also reassembled my Aleph models and Chaosed up my Space Hulk guys a bit. Having read two of the ADB Nightlord books, I came to realise they weren't fitting with what the fluff has portrayed them as. Not sure I am as happy with them, but I think they will work. I still need to clean them up quite a bit, and then get them to paint. I am also still missing two of the bolter guys and the Sorcerer/Librarian.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

OTT: Infinity isn't so long


"Those aren't Infinity models!" How very astute of you. They are in fact not. I manage to put the black on a Dakini, but when I got home, the Garuda's leg had broken off, again. So, while I was cleaning off the old glue, his other leg came off, then one of his arms, at which point I laughed hysterically, freaked my kids a little, and put them all aside. I don't know what it is about infinity models, but they just don't stay glued. At least not for me. I am still working on my terrain, but have moved onto the remainder of my Hellions as far as models go.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TMI: A little rain


I managed to get in a Malifaux game this weekend. I also managed to scare my regulars with some version 2 rumors. I also had a rematch versus Shea.

Friday, May 3, 2013

OTT: Finite Infinities


What the hell is that crap? OMG, its Infinity. That is correct, folks. I am going to paint up my Infinity models. Mostly they are just starting to bother me. They are incredibly fragile, and I want them out of my carry case and in the display case so I don't have to repair them any more.


I am also working on ladders. Wait, no I'm not.

OH, that right, they are the details for the walls on my Infinity board. Yeah, you thought that was never gonna see the light of day again. Well, it can, from the dark corner I keep them in across from the window. Barely. I have a couple sections complete, enough to show one side of the hall. I am thinking of painting the base all black, then going up through grey for the three layers of these pieces. I hope to give plenty of depth where there really isn't any so that it won't affect play. I also think they kinda look like pillars which fits the whole Greek theme of Aleph and the actual pillars already in parts of the board. I am taking the one table section with the new card wall bits for second opinions this Saturday.

I hope to have the Garuda ready for paint for Saturday, when I will be painting all my Aleph at Paint Night. Look forward to seeing you all there.