Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I snagged a rematch today. Or near enough. Dane and I played again and the strategy was Plant Explosives. For schemes we flipped Hold Up Their Forces, Deliver a Message, Claim Jump, Outflank, and Take Prisoner. Three of which we had on Friday. The deployment was corners however, so that was a change. My list barely changed, his changed a lot.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Lightning win, slow draw

I have been playing around with doing video battle reports, which is why have posted them here. However, it has been a long road, and they may never come out.
Yesterday I played two game but forgot my camera, so I wanted to post them here. I also forgot my notebook, so I don't have all the details, either. But they were both interesting to me.
Both games were before the 3-22 update to M3E.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Tidbit of M3E

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been getting in games of the Malifaux M3E closed beta. Up until recently, I have been under a NDA to keep quiet, but recently Wyrd lifted it, so I can now blabber all I want. My opponent through the beta was Dane. That was it. Try as we might, we couldn't get any other testers in our group to come get some. But a game is a game. And Dane is a great opponent to be saddled with. I'm not going to go into any rules details, those are elsewhere, about to be opened, and may have already changed. Anyway, on to the battle.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Quick KeyForge synopsis

At this point, I'm going to assume any imaginary readers I had have longs since gone away. I'm not going to make any claims about the future, but a few things have happened. First off, I have been able to rekindle my love for Malifaux. Then I played the same guy who broke it. And lost, which was marginally better. How often can you say that. Soon after, I dug in heavy into the M3E play test, which has seen me play several games, including writing lengthy reports, but all behind closed doors. I also got my sons into it a little(they both have crews). Dylan even participated in the same tournament(thank goodness I drew that guy and not him), and took best Sportsman. Who says the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? That one was launched! Now that the beta is opened, I hope to post more. It may even happen, as I have also started a writing class, and have to write 15 minutes each day, which is why we are here. I won't be talking M3E yet, though. Instead I wanna quick drop about a new game I started last Tuesday called KeyForge.
KeyForge is a unique card game, in that decks are fixed. There is no building involved, but each deck is unique. I find the concept kind of odd, but I can roll with it. However, there is an itch to build, but we will see where that goes. So far I have played half a dozen or so games, and it seems alright. My deck include the three house Logos, Sanctum, and Untamed. All my games seem to lean heavily on the Sanctum creatures. The deck is low on rare cards(just 1), doesn't seem to carry those over the top pow cards, and seems difficult to beat. As I only have 1 deck, I can only go off of what I have and the 3 different players/decks I have faced, plus the 3 more decks I have seen. Steady seems to win the game, and that is what I bring... I guess.
Overall, the game seems solid, and my sons are at least mildly interested. We just finished a trip to a friends house, where we played a psuedo tournament, which I won. I also played down 5 chain versus Dylan, and it was close. My final game was a little landslidey, I think largely due to some off drawing post turn 1.
Definitely something I will be playing more off.
I have a less-in-depth-than-full-beta battle report that I want to throw up, and days of writing to fill, so that could be expected soon, if anyone is around to see it.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The battle for Konor

I managed to get in not one, but two games for the Fate of Konor global campaign over the weekend. All for the glory of Chaos, but not always using Chaos. Hmmmm..... I also did some X-Wing Mario Kart racing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

40K, now with missions

I did manage to get in a game this last weekend. The game was against Paul and Alex's Eldar and Space Marine forces. I was running my Night Lords list, but added a Predator with autocannon and heavy bolters, a unit of raptors, and, at the last minute, a unit of cultists. My list comes to 1885 without the cultists and 101 power level. The cultists were a last minute addition to make up a few power level. Ironically the cultists turned out to be clutch.

Friday, July 7, 2017

More hobby progress?

Just a quick one. I didn't get any game in last week, was teaching some minors 40k. But I thought I would show off my progress on my two Chaos Lords. Super happy with how they are going. Still have a lot of work to finish the army, though.