Sunday, November 27, 2011

Road to the con 2012

Well, not looking like there is going to be a State of the 'faux this week. Tim has a Magic tournament and John, or anyone else, is a no show. So, while I wanted to reveal my mountain table in a game shot, here it is.
I also discovered I am a lot farther than I thought. My Bayou board is up to paint. I only needed 3 pieces, I added 3 tents and a campfire. Half the trees are done, I just need to paint the rest, the tents, and the fire and that one will be ready as well. I also have my bushes done for the Boomtown board, I think I will dig into it next.
I also came into a bunch of model bits, these are going towards a steam punk workshop board, which is to replace the Ten Kingdoms board. I hope it will be good.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Road to the con 2012

With just 82 days left to Genghiscon, I only have 1 table close to done. Aaaahhhh! Ok, I'm done freaking. Maybe. Anyway, my mountain board is mostly done. I have painted the bases since the picture was taken, and plan to add snow later today.

I have also finished my hanging tree up to moss, now I just need to find some. I also have 7 graves sculpted. I need to add some masaleums and get some fence. That board needs 10 more pieces, so I will see what I add.
Well, back to the stone.

Monday, November 21, 2011

State of the 'faux

I really need to stop. Played John again, he brought arcanists again. Ok, so I started with good intentions, play the Viks, don't wreck his day. He flips slaughter. Crap! My Viks feed my opponents models. I should have stuck to it, but I'm weak. I went with Levi. I face stomped him. BUT, if he had kept Marcus alive, or killed Levi when he was at 1 wound, he could have still gotten 2 for his strategy, just because a desolation, the spawned spa, and a hooded rider gave him a huge boost. In the end, with Marcus dead, I got Turf War, Stake a Claim, and Assassinate. A good game, way closer then the final totals would leave one to believe.
I see my failure, and I strive to correct it.

Games 2 and 3 were versus Tim's Sonnia. Both end in a draw, both because I get uppity at the end and make a mistake. The first round was the Viks. They are my go to versus Guild. Sonnia and Hoffman are both good versus Leviticus, and get no real bonus against the Viks. Lady J is beat stick versus beat stick, happy to do it. Perdita is on whether I can get there sneaky. Anyway, so I take my stand by. I had this one, Reconoitre, I had 3 zones, he has 1. He has bodyguard, its a waste of my time. I have break through and something else. I fail to move my Vik into his zone, giving him Hold out and costing me Breakthrough. A 4 point swing from 7-3 to 5-5. I think. Looking back, I think he had stake a claim, and Taelor owned that building. Hmmmm...
Anyway, game 2(3) was just as bad if not worse. Shared deliver message. I ran Levi up. Before turn 4. *sigh* Anyway, he gets 4 there, I wipe his crew. I had just Sonnia opposing me. I run forward, forgetting insignificant models can't deliver. All I have to do is box her, put an engine up and use Levi to guaranty another turn, but I get pissed and just ice Sonnia, ending it 4-4.
I always have a rough game versus Tim, he messes with my chi. And he all but heisted my models to make his crew for the last game.
Focus is key. Lesson still not likely learned. Key to beating me: irritate me until I say screw it, and end it by any means possible.
Ah, well. CW, flipping fate.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Malifaux comes to Genghis Con!

Well, it is official, I will be running a small demo on Friday and a 16 man tournament on Sunday. I hope to draw players from all over the state. Now I just need to build 8 beautiful tables to play on. Ok, nice tables. I have my mountain table ready for paint. A bayou table that needs gremlin tents and paint. My Boomtown table has just 2 buildings. A graveyard table that needs everything. A sewer table that needs additions. A little Ten Kingdoms that needs a concept. 1 table will likely be terraclips. And that should do it.
I hope to get some sponsorship from Total Escape, Enchanted Grounds, Troll Country, and Haunted Game Castle.
Well, to the grind stone then.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

State of the 'faux

K, so its been a while. I won my first tournament, totally stomped the other guy. That's right, a two player tournament. I didn't actually stomp the guy. He was playing Rasputina, so I was pretty experienced playing against it, and I took Leviticus, as he is my go to versus Arcanists. It was a Halloween themes shared strategy, which was basically multi-treasure hunt. I ended up wiping him off the table. I just knew his crew. In the end, I would have had time to get more pumpkins to my zone, and we were tied when we called it. Great guy to play against, I think I gave him some useful pointers with Raspy. I dropped out of raffle for Miss Demeanor, so he walked with that. We also didn't end up playing for prize money, and I didn't pay to play. Great experience, was worth the drive for me. I wish there would have been more people, Mate set up a great event, and nobody showing really sucks. I did get some eyeballs though.
The week after that was all Feast prep, so sadly, no Malifaux.
This last week, I managed to get in 3 games! All against John, who I haven't played in a while. I used Leviticus all three games. The first game was bad for John, with Leviticus doing what he does.
Game 1 was Arcanists. My first game against Marcus. I ate Myranda for a Waife. It just continued, till only Marcus was left. John was very unhappy, stating that Leviticus could not be beat. With two waifes, it is a very difficult proposition, but not impossible.
Game 2, he played Nicodem. I offered to play Viks, but he wanted another go. He brought Killjoy to kill my face, using a Desperate Merc to bring him out. I use my belles to pull the Merc toward, he thinks I am going to kill it, pops Killjoy, who I eat for a Waife, job done. It went down hill from there.
K, he is done. Then he picks up Collette, and decides he wants another round. Cool, asking for Leviticus, cool. I wanted to try the new canine remains he just gave me. I am a fan. I turned Cassandra into the Waife. Hooded Rider took out the Gunsmith, for Grudge. Taelor and Johan ate my lunch money at 1 wound each. I made some mistakes, including forgetting reactivate on Collette, so I lost Leviticus and both Waifes in one turn. Only left Hooded Rider, who get charged by Johan, but kills him with Noon, which gets slow to die and the rider dies. With a draw for extra turn, John manages to get all 5 dynamites, ending it 6 to 4 him. A good game, and my first lose with dual Waifes. I started with 8 stones, and that was a mistake. I should have brought more models and less stone. Leviticus runs well with a measly two stones, but the out activate mechanic of his crew can't be ignored.
Well, that was my last couple weeks. Several good games of Malifaux. I finally got my other Waife based and I have painted up my canine remains. The canine remains is pissing on a tombstone, and I think it turned out really well. I still have Miss Demeanor staring at me from my bench, I just need to dig into her.