Sunday, December 25, 2011

State of the Tau

In a sort of Christmas Eve Bash(or just a game), Troy and I met up at Hobby Town for a game of 40K. We might have played Malifaux, but I couldn't print the cards he wanted, so, Tau versus Tyranids. And I forgot to take any pictures of course.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

State of the 'faux

This will be short and sweet. Well, short anyway. And no pictures cause I spaced.
I played a game against a guy who sometimes comes by Hobby Town. He has a Perdita box. I let him choose Leviticus or Viktorias. He chose Leviticus. I should have gone Viks. The complexity of my crew versus him not knowing his own crew made it a frustrating game for him. Though at one point Leviticus had 1 wound and both Waifes were dead, before end of turn. I had to stone to stay alive. And my hand was crap. Unfortunately, he wanted to call it before it became a thing, because we had Deathwatch. I think it was just a bad game for him. I felt bad, I hope I can get another game in soon, so I can show him the power of his crew.

On Sunday, I played Tim. I was going to blow it off, as I was meeting a friend I hadn't seen in a while, but John said he was finally gonna show. Well, he didn't. And I felt bad that Tim wasn't going to get a game. I told him I wanted a quick game. And quick it was. I pull Treasure Hunt, he pulls something else. I Frame for Murder Taelor and Bodyguard the Viks. Taelor moves to take the Treasure, and gets smoked hard. Game plan down, I say screw it, and try to feed him my crew to get out. And fail. My Ronin takes more to kill than Taelor. Gun Vik charges in and kills a Stalker, spreading damage across his entire clumped up crew. She then pulls Sword Vik around and into combat. Slaps Samael, then masks onto a Stalker, kills it, splash kills another, I stone to save Gun Vik, Sword Vik is out of second blast, I might slap Samael again, but he dies. Sword Vik moves up to melee range on Sonnia to stop her shooting. He get initiative, awesome. I would have probably stoned to get a lower one here. I have a ton of stones, he has none. Sonnia truest to do something to kill Sword Vik, I manage to stop her. My turn. I pull gun Vik back to pull sword.Vik out, cause Sonnia has firey death thing on. Then, for some reason I try to shoot her. No idea. I hit sword Vik instead, cheat to nothing. It's ok, I still got this. I swap with sword Vik, then she pulls gun Vik out. K, now I'm where I need to be. Miss Demeanor rapid fires into Sonnia, killing her in a shot. Everyone is out of range of her boom. Gun Vik snags the treasure and heads home. Two turns left, I make it without even flipping for extra turns. Not how I wanted a 'quick' game to go down, but I'll take it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

State of the Tau

I know, I know, what kind of broken trash, WAAC player brings Tau to the table. I know you all come here to get easy going, just for fun gaming. But hey, I like to win, too! Alright, joking aside, I know that my plethora of readers are all imaginary, but it is time to dust off my Tau. It's been a while, I picked up CSM, won a bit with them. Lost a bunch of tourney games with them, stupid anti-meta club meta. Dabbled in Eldar. Realised Eldar are the Tau without the shooty, but faster. And getting some games in before the new 'dex drops and ruins my day couldn't hurt.
Anyway, on to the actual topic.

Monday, December 12, 2011

State of the 'faux

I managed to get 3 games in this weekend, including 1 at Hobby Town! But in a cold muddled stooper I only took pictures at the first one at Hobby Town. Ah well.
The first game was on Saturday at the good old HT. I played James, good guy, but this was only his fourth game. I'm pretty sure the other three were against my Viks, so I thought I would switch to Leviticus, you know, to be nice. Strategy was shared escape and survive, we both had Stake a Claim and he had Breakthrough, I had Kill Protege. I did some coaching through out, some good, some less so. Not on purpose bad, just maybe not the best, such as the end game move, which I had him gamble more than I should have. I basically only took two significant models, Leviticus and the Hooded Rider. Underhanded? Definitely. Why? Well, with my SPAs combining, it meant that at the end of my first turn I was sitting at 150% of my starting significant models. Options: run my to super fast big guys around, keeping them alive, and acing the game while Leviticus munches the enemy; OR take it to him and bash heads. I may have taken Leviticus against a starter crew, but I do have limits. And I was a about out of it. Anyway, the game was rough. I did my best to offer helpful suggestions. I think he focused to early on his schemes, though I was to slow on mine. I mostly just munched his crew dropping him below the 50% mark real early. He managed to off both the Desolation Engine and the Rider, leaving just Leviticus and a max of two points for strategy for me. In hunting his last guy I pulled Leviticus to far back and almost lost those two. His Judge was dead, guaranteeing me those two. I coached him to try and kill my Waife and stop me from killing and thus moving Leviticus back out. What probably should have happened was him moving his guy around the stake a claim TP and into his breakthrough, getting both for a tie. Would have worked, but was aweful close eyeing it. Good game, very close. I wasn't on top of it at all, either helping him or playing me, on two turns Leviticus lived when I didn't want him to. Mind you, this meant that my broken trash game plan should have ended in a tie, but whatever.
Game two was on Sunday at TEG. It was another one versus Tim. Shared Distract. I only took 2 SPAs trying to start with less and build more. It didn't work so well, about how it usually goes. I also had three belles and a canine. The name of this game was blast. Things turned when he made a comment about he had eight stones and I only had three. I pointed out that he only had two models versus my eight. The he dropped his blast, getting severe and taking out three models and hurt another. Then munch munch munch just Leviticus and two waifes left, then blast shift two inches blast blast my everything is gone. But I still had it, if it doesn't go on to seven and give him time to move back into his zone. It went to seven, curses.
Game three I decided to not run any SPAs, and it went better than trying two. I think its the difference between basing my list on SPAs and not having enough and excluding them completely and not worrying about them. Also, watching the blasts better had to help. We had shared Contain Power, he took both of the guild schemes, Raid and the other one, basically he needed to kill all my minions while saving his. Um... Thank you. Maybe he was cocky from the previous game, I don't know. I even threw caution to the wind and took Thwart. First time I ever got it. This game went the other way from the last. This was my game to win. Not much really to say, and less that I remember. Running zero SPAs seemed more effective than running two. And it was a fun different way to play.
I picked up Ramos, and I am in the process of magnetizing the spiders. I will need to get some games in with him to have a feel by Genghiscon, but I'm itching to try the spiders with Leviticus. Hank not so much, but we'll see.

Monday, December 5, 2011

State of the 'faux

I got to play two games this weekend and it felt good. I even managed to keep Leviticus in his box. That's right, I played the Viks, TWICE. I even managed to win one of 'em. This was not that game. It was 25ss versus Tim's Sonnia box crew. Shared strategy, flipped Supply Wagon. Actually flipped Reconoitre, but that's what he and I played last, then Line in the Sand which I played the game before, and thought it was against Tim. Anyway, now its Supply Wagon. For some reason I was still thinking Recon when I picked schemes and took Breakthrough. I forget my other scheme, but it doesn't matter. Taelor escorted my wagon forward, a ronin went up the side for breakthrough, but with the corner deployment her chances were slim. I churned through soulstones trying to keep the Viks alive, and then just ran out. He ate my crew, then Taelor alone guarding the wagon. In the end, all I had left was the Ronin and a desperate chance to get breakthrough and knock his hold out. Wasn't worth it, called it 8-0. Not a good showing. I need WAY more practice with the Viks. I'm not at all strong with them and tend to rush to my death WAY to early, if I can hold back, I do really well, as shown by my next game.

Ok, now we flip individual strategies, but both flip A Line in the Sand. Having realised by now I hadn't played Tim this one, I jump in 100 percent. I chose Frame for Murder on my Miss Demeanor, but keep it hidden. My second scheme was Hold Out, a pretty easy one I know. He runs the same thing, I run all 3 Ronin and Miss Demeanor. He says that a pillar should be on the center line, I don't argue. I start with a handful on Rams, but can't get him to shoot Miss Demeanor*sigh*. She gets stomped by Sonnia, making me very sad, but then less sad when I realise that's my scheme. Ronin snags the pillar TNT, Viks another, another Ronin a corner one, last Ronin the other corner, and the first Ronin the last dynamite. He moved Sonnia up a pillar just because he could, and she didn't do much after killing MD, except fall for 6 damage. In the end, he got Bodyguard, failed Assassinate, I killed 2 Ronin sepoku style, won all my schemes, and full points on the strategy, 7-2. Next turn would have been who went first gambles to get Assassinate or break Bodyguard. A loss wasn't even an option for me early on, maybe even at crew selection, I was super fast.
If I can keep my crew together and separate theirs I am set. I just need to learn to control my self and remember I'm not playing Levi.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Road to the con 2012

Peak has started at work and my progress has slowed substantially, but I have managed to make progress on my hanging tree and my bayou board, though I wanted the bayou board to be done this weekend. I need to pick up the pace. Weather isn't helping, as the low temperatures will make spraying difficult.

I think I will start digging into the graveyard board next. Pun not intended, but I will definitely take it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Road to the con 2012

Well, not looking like there is going to be a State of the 'faux this week. Tim has a Magic tournament and John, or anyone else, is a no show. So, while I wanted to reveal my mountain table in a game shot, here it is.
I also discovered I am a lot farther than I thought. My Bayou board is up to paint. I only needed 3 pieces, I added 3 tents and a campfire. Half the trees are done, I just need to paint the rest, the tents, and the fire and that one will be ready as well. I also have my bushes done for the Boomtown board, I think I will dig into it next.
I also came into a bunch of model bits, these are going towards a steam punk workshop board, which is to replace the Ten Kingdoms board. I hope it will be good.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Road to the con 2012

With just 82 days left to Genghiscon, I only have 1 table close to done. Aaaahhhh! Ok, I'm done freaking. Maybe. Anyway, my mountain board is mostly done. I have painted the bases since the picture was taken, and plan to add snow later today.

I have also finished my hanging tree up to moss, now I just need to find some. I also have 7 graves sculpted. I need to add some masaleums and get some fence. That board needs 10 more pieces, so I will see what I add.
Well, back to the stone.

Monday, November 21, 2011

State of the 'faux

I really need to stop. Played John again, he brought arcanists again. Ok, so I started with good intentions, play the Viks, don't wreck his day. He flips slaughter. Crap! My Viks feed my opponents models. I should have stuck to it, but I'm weak. I went with Levi. I face stomped him. BUT, if he had kept Marcus alive, or killed Levi when he was at 1 wound, he could have still gotten 2 for his strategy, just because a desolation, the spawned spa, and a hooded rider gave him a huge boost. In the end, with Marcus dead, I got Turf War, Stake a Claim, and Assassinate. A good game, way closer then the final totals would leave one to believe.
I see my failure, and I strive to correct it.

Games 2 and 3 were versus Tim's Sonnia. Both end in a draw, both because I get uppity at the end and make a mistake. The first round was the Viks. They are my go to versus Guild. Sonnia and Hoffman are both good versus Leviticus, and get no real bonus against the Viks. Lady J is beat stick versus beat stick, happy to do it. Perdita is on whether I can get there sneaky. Anyway, so I take my stand by. I had this one, Reconoitre, I had 3 zones, he has 1. He has bodyguard, its a waste of my time. I have break through and something else. I fail to move my Vik into his zone, giving him Hold out and costing me Breakthrough. A 4 point swing from 7-3 to 5-5. I think. Looking back, I think he had stake a claim, and Taelor owned that building. Hmmmm...
Anyway, game 2(3) was just as bad if not worse. Shared deliver message. I ran Levi up. Before turn 4. *sigh* Anyway, he gets 4 there, I wipe his crew. I had just Sonnia opposing me. I run forward, forgetting insignificant models can't deliver. All I have to do is box her, put an engine up and use Levi to guaranty another turn, but I get pissed and just ice Sonnia, ending it 4-4.
I always have a rough game versus Tim, he messes with my chi. And he all but heisted my models to make his crew for the last game.
Focus is key. Lesson still not likely learned. Key to beating me: irritate me until I say screw it, and end it by any means possible.
Ah, well. CW, flipping fate.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Malifaux comes to Genghis Con!

Well, it is official, I will be running a small demo on Friday and a 16 man tournament on Sunday. I hope to draw players from all over the state. Now I just need to build 8 beautiful tables to play on. Ok, nice tables. I have my mountain table ready for paint. A bayou table that needs gremlin tents and paint. My Boomtown table has just 2 buildings. A graveyard table that needs everything. A sewer table that needs additions. A little Ten Kingdoms that needs a concept. 1 table will likely be terraclips. And that should do it.
I hope to get some sponsorship from Total Escape, Enchanted Grounds, Troll Country, and Haunted Game Castle.
Well, to the grind stone then.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

State of the 'faux

K, so its been a while. I won my first tournament, totally stomped the other guy. That's right, a two player tournament. I didn't actually stomp the guy. He was playing Rasputina, so I was pretty experienced playing against it, and I took Leviticus, as he is my go to versus Arcanists. It was a Halloween themes shared strategy, which was basically multi-treasure hunt. I ended up wiping him off the table. I just knew his crew. In the end, I would have had time to get more pumpkins to my zone, and we were tied when we called it. Great guy to play against, I think I gave him some useful pointers with Raspy. I dropped out of raffle for Miss Demeanor, so he walked with that. We also didn't end up playing for prize money, and I didn't pay to play. Great experience, was worth the drive for me. I wish there would have been more people, Mate set up a great event, and nobody showing really sucks. I did get some eyeballs though.
The week after that was all Feast prep, so sadly, no Malifaux.
This last week, I managed to get in 3 games! All against John, who I haven't played in a while. I used Leviticus all three games. The first game was bad for John, with Leviticus doing what he does.
Game 1 was Arcanists. My first game against Marcus. I ate Myranda for a Waife. It just continued, till only Marcus was left. John was very unhappy, stating that Leviticus could not be beat. With two waifes, it is a very difficult proposition, but not impossible.
Game 2, he played Nicodem. I offered to play Viks, but he wanted another go. He brought Killjoy to kill my face, using a Desperate Merc to bring him out. I use my belles to pull the Merc toward, he thinks I am going to kill it, pops Killjoy, who I eat for a Waife, job done. It went down hill from there.
K, he is done. Then he picks up Collette, and decides he wants another round. Cool, asking for Leviticus, cool. I wanted to try the new canine remains he just gave me. I am a fan. I turned Cassandra into the Waife. Hooded Rider took out the Gunsmith, for Grudge. Taelor and Johan ate my lunch money at 1 wound each. I made some mistakes, including forgetting reactivate on Collette, so I lost Leviticus and both Waifes in one turn. Only left Hooded Rider, who get charged by Johan, but kills him with Noon, which gets slow to die and the rider dies. With a draw for extra turn, John manages to get all 5 dynamites, ending it 6 to 4 him. A good game, and my first lose with dual Waifes. I started with 8 stones, and that was a mistake. I should have brought more models and less stone. Leviticus runs well with a measly two stones, but the out activate mechanic of his crew can't be ignored.
Well, that was my last couple weeks. Several good games of Malifaux. I finally got my other Waife based and I have painted up my canine remains. The canine remains is pissing on a tombstone, and I think it turned out really well. I still have Miss Demeanor staring at me from my bench, I just need to dig into her.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

State of the 'faux

Been a little bit, so I thought I would throw up a quick update. After my painting class at Tacticon, I thought I should finally put my hand in on some blending. The hooded rider you see above is exactly that. I blended almost everything. I really like how the muscle turned out. I used pallette spectrum blending, and I think I have the hang of it. Now I have to blend all my single models now.
I also played my first game with my first rider. I have no idea how I like him. It was a game against Jay's Rasputina. He ran Rasputina, dual silent ones, 3 gaming, and a cerebus. I danced my SPAs forward, formed a Desolation Engine, and kinda sat in the open. Turn 2, my engine killed a silent one, then died, followed by the 2 SPAs, while the rest of my crew moved up. Jay, of course, stepped way back into the left corner, away from my stuff. A quick look at the table told me that Jay was gonna hide, I had a Belle on each flank, Leviticus and his Waife in the center of my edge, and the rider towards the center, behind trees. With the Viktorias, I would have to try and find a way to crack that shell, though I'm not sure I could have pushed him back so easily. However, I'm play Leveticus, its Reconnoitre, I have soulless life and exterminate constructs, I can play this game. So I do. Leveticus sits in the back blessing the waife, and using death's lesson to insure she kills him, creating a SPA, which will combine on 6 to create a new engine. Both Belles hide behind trees, and the rider sits near the center to take on Cerebus should he hunt my right bells. Meanwhile, Jay decides to move his crew up the left side. With my belle over there hidden, my engine coming from that side, and being right in Leveticus's threat zone, I'm none to worried, heck I may even get exterminate, which I wrote off. I think Jay is seeing he may have held back to long, but maybe not. Then he moves his Cerebus towards my right Belle, here it is, the rider moves up, I don't think he is in range, but still hoping, making sure I am getting as close as possible. The whole time Jay is watching me like a hawk, I say something, he says something, I point out it won't make and prove its a inch short. He said something about just a fun game, I said he never played one, and its over. He got all hurt, we had a discussion about the definition of a "fun game", and I spend the rest of the day watching John vs Other John play Collette vs McMourning. It was a pretty interesting game, both guys new to the game, I think I am going to try and snag one or the other for a game this Sunday.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tacticon day 2

Ok, so this should have been posted WAY earlier, but who was gonna read it anyway ;-)
K, so day 2 of the 40K tourney, I am sitting 1 draw 1 lose. Not sitting pretty, 20 points, I think I'm running 2nd of the 3 guys from the store. I enjoyed both of my day 1 games, and both were against an army I had never played. Day 2 started facing Chaos, the army I play. Interesting. He is running 1 squad of oblits, defiler, a unit of noise, another of plague, 2 units of marines, landraider with kharne and some berserkers. I think I had this in the bag from the start. I played well, killed what I needed to, its a favorable match up, and he held his defiler in the back for fear of the oblits. Drew C&C, I won everything else. Great opponent, great game.

Game 4, versus vanilla marines, and here the fun ends. Dual landraiders with termies, razor spam. Went almost all reserve, deploying a single devestator squad, or rather half of it. First turn I wipe the devs off the table, second turn his razors come in, raiders do not. This is good for me, if I can take them out, I can take my time on the landraiders. Immobilise one, stun the other that flanked, the one that came in his edge just sits there the whole game. Spend the rest of the game much the same way. Turn 5 is a draw, 6 I'm hanging on, but of course it goes to 7 and I get tabled. Not a good opponent, argued everything, I was wrong once. Apparently he had a history at the old store of being a not so fun opponent.
Game 5, versus Nids. He is running horde, hormagaunts, termagaunts, ravenors, terranifex, 3 single zoanthropes, hive tyrant. Lots to kill, likely more than I could. The main problem was that I had never seen ravenors ran effectively. I think some better target priority there would have helped, they are what beat me. Everything else I dealt with or hit me late enough to just be a nuissance. Also, not a real enjoyable game, and tabled me top of 5.

At this point I was kinda in a grumpy mood, and since I was already planning Malifaux at Genghis Con, not planning to be back I'm February. With wrecking crew running things, I don't think I will be alone. WOO, more people for Malifaux.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 1 Tacticon 2011

Day 1 is done. It went alright, with a draw then a loss. Game 1 was against Eric with Dark Eldar this time. He was the player I played round 3 at Genghis. Another good game, coming down to the final turn. I took kill points, he took capture and control, and we tied seize ground. My first game against DE was enjoyable, and my second game against Eric.

Game 2 was against Adam Tricola, a good player, usually runs Space Wolves, but took DE this time. I saw the postings and knew I was in for help of a battle. He did not disappoint. I fought hard, but too many targets and no mistakes to take advantage of left me unable to score any points. I truly enjoyed this game as well, and it showed I lack against horde anything. I hope to make top tables again to play Adam, he usually isn't in my neck of the woods.
Looking forward to tomorrow, being firmly in the lower ranks, I don't have to care as much, and can just play the fun. If my opponents follow suit, I will be in good shape.

How many DE can you shove in one corner?

Monday, August 22, 2011

A tournament and a painting competition

I participated in my first tournament as a player on Saturday. It was awesome, I really enjoyed myself. In proper fashion, I forgot to take any pictures, I know, why do you even come here. However, I did run a rather small painting competition. The winner John, pictured above, painted a Mature Nephilum on a pretty awesome base. I wasn't able to get any shots, but I will do an update in a few weeks when I can make it back.
I know you all want to know how my games went, or not, so that after the break.

Friday, August 19, 2011

State of the 'faux: heavy with the Levi

He has arrived! I have spent the last week painting and getting used to playing Leviticus and his crew. Wow! Difficult You not only have to get used to how he plays, but learn how to manage his wounds. They are like a government budget, you can't spend to much, but you need to use it all, or you won't get enough next round. He is fun. I think I have the hang of it, mostly. Tomorrow will tell, as I am taking Outcasts to a tournament. I plan to play him mostly, but still have my Viks if I don't like the match up. The strategies I didn't think would work went way better than expected. I have some tricks up my sleeve as well, bit I'm not going to release them just yet.
More pictures after jump- All a little low on light though.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some weekday Malifaux!

Played some more Malifaux today. Played a three player free for all. I played my Seamus against a Hamelin crew and a Viktorias crew. The Viktorias crew was different from mine, basically Misaki instead of Taelor, but it was just as fragile. He sacrificed all of his Ronin by the end to get gather soulstones. The Hamelin crew was rough until I found out Hamelin needs to be within 3" to do his res thing. The I just ate him, nom nom.
All in all a good day. Had it have gone on longer, I think I would have won, as it was I lost. I learned a lot and am eager to jump right back. Much to the detriment of my 40K army that I need to get ready for Feast of Blades on Saturday.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

State of the 'faux

Another Malifaux Sunday done. I managed to win a game against Jay's Rasputina crew. I then lost a game against her. The game I won, I minded the objectives, and he did not. The one I lost... Well, in that one I sent the Viks to their deaths. Why? No idea.
All and all a good day. After the first game Jay and I had an issue when I tried to suggest what I would have some different. I guess the Malifaux club is different from my regular club. He took it as an insult to his playing, I meant it to help his game.
Ah well. I guess I just need to focus on sticking to my plan, and nor say anything about his.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Malifaux Tournament

Looking to run my first Malifaux tournament at the end of this month. Click the image for a better size of the poster.

Friday, July 1, 2011

State of the 'Faux

As you may have noticed, my Boomtown building step by step didn't come through. I did get my second building built, and I have the interior done on one, which just needs some signs. I still have a jail and a large hotel/brothel that I would like to build, as well as all the bits and bobs I will need to finish the table.
I finished painting my Ronin, and I really like how they turned out. I planned to do some hand drawn stuff on all of them, but when it came time, I just didn't think they needed it. With that, all my Malifaux models are painted. However, as is always the case, I already have my eyes on a new crew: Leveticus. As the master I kinda always knew I would eventually work up to, I am excited. I also managed to score a Puppet Wars Rusty Alice, which was the tipping point for me.
On the tabletop, my new regular opponent, Jay, keeps smoking me with Rasputina. Just can't seem to get it done. This last time was with Seamus, and I had this whole thing about testing Bishop in the crew, but the strategy just wasn't conducive to it, and I shouldn't have, but... Starting this weekend, I will be facing more opponents, as some of my friends that I started into it, start showing up. Getting games in weekly, even if its just one and a demo, is awesome. Now I just need to learn how to play well. I lose my demos *sigh*. I'ld like to say I let them in, but I would rather not lie.
Well, thats the state of my 'Faux. Hopefully, I should be able to put on pictures of my first Boomtown building, it is SICK(and not in a phat way).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Building Boomtown!

So, its been a while since I posted here, been busy with the Knights of the Gaming tables blog and forum, though I haven't posted on that blog in a while either. Any-who, I have started work on my Boomtown board. The above is my first building, and I plan to add a few more. The next will be an almost copy, and I plan to put up a WIP/tutorial here for people to see. I then hope to follow it up with an Inn of a much larger scale. They all will have removable roofs, but the Inn will have 2 floors. It should be challenging. Check back for more.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not your father's meta!

The interwebs are full of the meta-massives. The armies and builds that are sweeping the country. And I have no fear of them!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Malifaux update.

As everyone knows, I have been getting heavily into Malifaux. I have picked up the rules manual, and am going through, relearning the rules. I have gotten a few games in, but with everyone's focus being on the grow league, it hasn't been many. Everyone seems to like the game they played, and a few have expressed interest. Personally, I love almost everything about the system and the models. The only problem I have found is with a few mold lines.
I keep getting smoked with my Viktorias in my demo games, but I think I have found my error. The other crews I have tested all seem to be diverse and fun. Rasputina, ecspecially, has a lot of options and a good starting point in her box.
As a future, I plan on picking up some Ronin, 1 to have to paint at the Attactix thing, and 2 to be able to field them, I think it will be a good move over Bishop, and give me some soulstones. I like Bishop, pry more than Johan, but at the 25 soulstone level, I just need a larger pool, and his high points cost gives me more room with him gone.
As far as painting goes, I have my Viktoria crew done, and 2 of my Belles for Seamus done. I love painting these models, it's just fun. The Belles in particular have caught my interest. With out the squad mentality, I can paint every one like a single model. I painted their skin the same, but all the dresses are different. Its all the joys of painting characters, without the squads giving you the eye.
And I am even enjoying painting eyes, who'ld a thunk?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tournament Etiquette

I originally posted this on Knights of the Gaming Table
We all know how we should play a pick up game or a friendly game at the local club. We even know what to do in a tourney prep game. But I see a lot of the same poor behavior at the few tournaments I have been to, as well as, heard about on-line and other places. I wanted to create a short list of these bad habits and how we might all improve on them. These aren't 40k or Fantasy items, but rather things I think could be used in any tournament, or even beyond, in any game setting. So, if you want to see my thoughts, and hopefully use them to improve your opponents experience, then please read on.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Genghis 2011: Day 3

Finally, time to play Fantasy. The reason I come to these thing. My first choice in tournaments. Likely the only tournament I will be going to at Tacticon. The 3 full days thing, no thanks. I also want to run Malifaux, and get some classes in.
Any who, why your here, the games.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ghengis Con 2011 Day 2

Well, things did not go as well for me today. I managed one win, a lose, and a really bad lose. I did manage to get 40 of 46 points on my painting, so that was good. In the end I pulled a 46th place out of almost 70.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ghengis Con 2011 Day 1

Well, its the morning of day 2. Yesterday went pretty well, I got the results I had planned on, a win and a draw.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

morale VICTORY!!!

I WIN!!! Not really. It was actually a draw. But it was against IG and Roll dice and tie. A sixth turn would have pry seen me lose though, as he would have been able to contest my objective, which would have left it 0-1. I did some things differently, some worked, some not so much.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well, I am progressing at a pretty steady rate. Will it be enough? I don't know, but I think so.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obsessive Agressive

Over the weekend I played a game of 40K. It was 1850 versus Orks, I used my Genghiscon list against his kinda vehicle heavy list. I was looking to try against a horde list, as I'm not sure I have enough shots to take one on. His hybrid list, however, showed me a few things I hadn't thought of.