Thursday, May 31, 2012

State of the 'faux

Only played in one game of Malifaux this weekend. It was against Troy and it was Leveticus versus Lillith. I ran Leveticus, Ashes and Dust, Rusty Alyce, Hooded Rider, and a canine remains. He ran Lillith, an Insidious Madness, and two pairs of twins, basically the list that trounced my Viks last week. We had individual strategies, with mine being Turf War, and his being A Line In the Sand. Schemes for me were Breakthrough and Soulless Life, his were Grudge on the Hooded Rider and Kidnap on everything save the Ashes and Dust. This was my testing game for Ashes and Dust. While, I think I definitely could run him better, I can see his effectiveness. Is he worth 13 stones, we will have to see.
Turn one he of course rushes Insidious Madness up to a TNT marker on the side. I then proceeded to move up Ashes and Dust to try and get where I could smack him, but was just out of range, and had to use all my actions to move. Here is where reactivate from Alyce could be useful. Instead, I split them and use the extra move from putting Ashen Core in base towards the madness, and the Dust Storm on the table edge, close enough to hit and still in range of the core. I then tried to whack the Madness, but due to its special abilities, didn't do anything. However, turn two saw me get initiative, recombine Ashes and Dust, and use it to kill the Madness. On an objective strategy like A Line In the Sand, that is huge. Ashes and Dust then moved into his stuff to try and reek more havoc, but mostly was just a nuasance, who just died. The Ashen Core was left in the open, and unable to warp to a SPA before Lillith finished it off. The Dust Storm popped back by the objective that the Madness went after, and then headed for the far table edge, hoping to get there for Turf War. Everything else just delayed Troy's force and then eventually died. The game basically came down to Troy needing to light all the Dynamite with just Lelu and Lillith on turn 6. He was able to light 2, but needs 3 for 2 victory points. Turn 7 would have seen him get 4 markers, and send Lillith after my Dust and Breakthrough. Luckily it ended on 6. With both Lelu and Lillith on the center line, neither counted as being completely on my sides, giving me full points. We both snagged all our schemes, leaving the game 8-4 me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wait, what? A working concept?

I AM A GENIUS!!! Well, ok, maybe not, but the Eldar do work. I played a game against Troy, which proved that I am in fact NOT a genius, but that in better hands, I do believe the Eldar Jetbike Kill Point Denial List works(heck of a name, huh).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

State of the 'faux

I have been kinda hankering to throw down some Viks, and with the unlimited pool, I opened up masters as well(mainly, the only person it hurts is James with his guild. Most players only are using one master anyway. And it means I can use whatever, too ;-) This meant I could run the Viks, WOO!

Why can't I love fantasy?

I played a game with my Tomb Kings versus Troy's Lizardmen. I lost, rather soundly, but it wasn't a bad game. I didn't quit, I didn't even rage. My dice were definitely not hot and I still can't irresistible a spell, but that is what it is. For most of the game I just felt impotent. I did some damage, but nothing spectacular. I of course forgot to roll my wards after I finally got the spell off. All and all a meh performance on my part.
That, however, is not what I want to talk about. The problem I had was that it just wasn't fun. It wasn't a bad game, there just wasn't anything entertaining about it. Troy is probably my favorite opponent in any system. He tests me at almost every turn. This game, though, didn't have that. It was just motions. I don't feel any challenge from Fantasy. You don't need to figure out anything to play. You know the range, the movement, the weapons, the everything. It's a pretty board game. You can't misjudge a distance and be just out. About the only thing is a missed charge, which leaves you open to counter. But you will still be in combat, it just costs a point of static res. Oh, noes. There is a lot of talk about adding more morale to 40K, such as fear, but I can tell you, fear and terror can be all but ignored.

I guess I'm just not interested anymore, and I pray the new 40K isn't just rinse and repeat. Thank the gods for Malifaux, or I may not have anything to play.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

State of the 'faux

See, I told you it looked better. The picture itself is pretty awesome, if I say so myself. The games were awesome as well. A resounding defeat and a resounding win, though the win was a lot closer than the scores say.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

State of the 'faux

Ok, so this took FOREVER to get posted, and I have forgotten most of the details, so this won't be a battle report as much as my thoughts on Ramos. For those deeply interested in how the games went down, I can put it very simply, I gots waffle stomped.