Monday, February 27, 2012

State of the 'faux

I managed to get two and a half games in over the weekend. The first was against a guy I had never played before. He ran Viks, I ran Levi. He ran Viks, 2 Ronin, Librarian and Misaki, I ran, Levi, 4 SPAs, canine, hooded rider, and a Crooligan. He charged straight at me, 'nuff said. Actually there was more game than that, but because I was able to kill a Vik early and spend the rest shutting down his tries to get her back, mostly by hunting Ronin, until other Vik died, he just couldn't recover. It was a matter of me knowing his crew and mine and him not knowing mine. Great guy, great player, I won't catch him again. Unfortunately, he will be leaving soon, so I won't get many more games against him, I could use the challenge.
Game half doesn't really count, as it was a start against Nabors and had to call on account of getting booted. He is learning though, just didn't make it far enough.
Game 3 was a three way against Troy's new Dreamer box and Nabors' Von Schill box. Seeing how it was Troy's first game, I went with the Ramos box. Very different play style. Ramos does not do well on the front line. Or without his minions. He did alright towards the end, not dying when he was supposed to. In the end, it was 0 for me, 6 to Nabors, and 5 to Troy. A good game, though the end was kinda boring for me, as Emission was paralised a lot and everything else was dead. But now Troy has been indoctrined, and now he must face Leviticus! Muahaha!!!
Now if I could only nail down a list for the league.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

State of the Tau

I finally threw down my Tau in a tournament. I felt it went well, even though I place 32nd out of 47. At the end I wasn't in a terrible mood, I was even in a good mood.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Road to the Con 2012 - Road's End

Genghiscon Malifaux was a blast! I met some great new people, helped some improve their game, and managed to run a good tournament(at least I hope I did).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

State of the 'faux: Tournament Edition

I was able to play the the Griffin Malifaux league final tournament on Saturday. I had a blast, met some new people, including a new Henchman, and got in some good games. In the end I finished fourth in the tournament, missing third by a point. Which, I would properly play the tournament system, I could have easily gotten, but I keep playing the game as a stand alone. More on that in game three.