Thursday, June 24, 2010


With Goreswirl rolling, I have mostly beeen doing my thing over there, listing Bat Reps and such. It does mean that I am getting in WAY more games, with last weekend(Father's Day) being the first week in 6 I didn't game. Which I am not sure that counts, I should technically say that it is the first weekend I haven't 40ked, as I did get to play the new Death Watch RPG(technically also 40k, I am just a liar everywhere). I must say that come August I am buying this. It is an AWESOME game. Which means, that in July I am buying Warhammer Fantasy, August is Death Watch, and September is Tacticon. WEEEE!!!! Broke.
I am not sure about Tacticon, I pry should just go for the fun, which is all I ever really was going for anyway. I know I am not good enough to take any places, but it would be fun to know that I could. My Tzeentch army isn't strong enough, as it is seriously missing the pow needed to take out armour, specifically IG. Its does however have plenty of AP 3 weaponry for the Blood Angels and Space Wolves. I guess it all depends on the draw. Who knows I may just end up facing Nids and Crons, or Eldar, with who I have ZERO experience. But thn its all about facing new armies anyway. I would however like to NOT finish dead last, but then somebody has to. It might not even matter, as I still have a lot of work left to do on my Acolytes before they are ready, but I did manage to pick up a larger pack of green stuff, so I plan to really start diving in this weekend.
I did manage to pls a Slaanesh list this last Goreswirl(2 weekends ago) and would have won, too. But the problem was, I didn't enjoy the list. At the end of the game, I ended up pulling off the hill, just so I wouldn't have to play it again. Alternate objectives turned out to be fun(for me anyway) I don't know what everyone else thought, I was the only one to really complete mine, and I did that relatively early.
I hope to post pictures of my Daemon Prince son, as I have started painting him. I actually couldn't take it anymore, having an army with entirely no paint on it was driving me insane, so now I will have 1 guy, and can go back building robes, which is basically my Saturday, I think.
My Defilers may be scrapped, I am starting to not like what I did with them. The constant Tinker Toy comments don't help either.
Anywho, that should be enough rambling for now, catchya later.