Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some weekday Malifaux!

Played some more Malifaux today. Played a three player free for all. I played my Seamus against a Hamelin crew and a Viktorias crew. The Viktorias crew was different from mine, basically Misaki instead of Taelor, but it was just as fragile. He sacrificed all of his Ronin by the end to get gather soulstones. The Hamelin crew was rough until I found out Hamelin needs to be within 3" to do his res thing. The I just ate him, nom nom.
All in all a good day. Had it have gone on longer, I think I would have won, as it was I lost. I learned a lot and am eager to jump right back. Much to the detriment of my 40K army that I need to get ready for Feast of Blades on Saturday.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

State of the 'faux

Another Malifaux Sunday done. I managed to win a game against Jay's Rasputina crew. I then lost a game against her. The game I won, I minded the objectives, and he did not. The one I lost... Well, in that one I sent the Viks to their deaths. Why? No idea.
All and all a good day. After the first game Jay and I had an issue when I tried to suggest what I would have some different. I guess the Malifaux club is different from my regular club. He took it as an insult to his playing, I meant it to help his game.
Ah well. I guess I just need to focus on sticking to my plan, and nor say anything about his.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Malifaux Tournament

Looking to run my first Malifaux tournament at the end of this month. Click the image for a better size of the poster.

Friday, July 1, 2011

State of the 'Faux

As you may have noticed, my Boomtown building step by step didn't come through. I did get my second building built, and I have the interior done on one, which just needs some signs. I still have a jail and a large hotel/brothel that I would like to build, as well as all the bits and bobs I will need to finish the table.
I finished painting my Ronin, and I really like how they turned out. I planned to do some hand drawn stuff on all of them, but when it came time, I just didn't think they needed it. With that, all my Malifaux models are painted. However, as is always the case, I already have my eyes on a new crew: Leveticus. As the master I kinda always knew I would eventually work up to, I am excited. I also managed to score a Puppet Wars Rusty Alice, which was the tipping point for me.
On the tabletop, my new regular opponent, Jay, keeps smoking me with Rasputina. Just can't seem to get it done. This last time was with Seamus, and I had this whole thing about testing Bishop in the crew, but the strategy just wasn't conducive to it, and I shouldn't have, but... Starting this weekend, I will be facing more opponents, as some of my friends that I started into it, start showing up. Getting games in weekly, even if its just one and a demo, is awesome. Now I just need to learn how to play well. I lose my demos *sigh*. I'ld like to say I let them in, but I would rather not lie.
Well, thats the state of my 'Faux. Hopefully, I should be able to put on pictures of my first Boomtown building, it is SICK(and not in a phat way).