Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not quite dead

So, it has been a little while since I last posted. Partly due to distraction, partly due to my video card dieing. I managed to get in a few games in the interim, all of which were 40K. I played Shea's Tau, Collin's Dark Angels, and jerked my way through part of a game versus Space Wolves. I won't discuss the last, I was tired, I was hungry, I was grumpy, and I screwed the pooch early. I finally called it on turn 3, after I realized my DPs should have been dead much earlier. I challenged a rematch at a time when I was a decent opponent.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Just the 40K

  It has been a couple weeks, but I have not been idle. I have finally gotten some basing on my Night Lords, and I brought them out for a couple games. Two weeks ago I faced Shea's Orks and last week I faced Nabors's brand new Space Marines.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

To the last (wo)man

I was feeling a little bit under the weather this last weekend, so I only really pushed for one game. I could have likely gotten more, but I think I am glad I didn't. Put that in your diaries. I doubt I will ever say I am glad I didn't get more games again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Finally, some not Fantasy...

...and some Fantasy. A bit late on this one, having spent most of last week getting things ready for my sister's wedding. That also meant I wasn't down playing any games this last weekend. So, here is a quick run down of my two games two weeks previous. Game one was once again Fantasy versus Shea and his Skaven. For game two, I pulled out Leveticus versus Patrick's Nicodem for some Malifaux. I really need to stop doing that, but I start thinking who would work best for strategy versus Ressers, no brainer, Leveticus. And it pretty much wrecks Patrick's day, he hates Levy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ogres stomp some rats

We are setting an uncomfortable precedent here. I only managed to get in one game, and it was Fantasy. That isn't completely true, I was able to clear a single room in Myth, but I plan to post about that game later. Anyway, on to the Cursed Game.

Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day! And yes, that is Fantasy. Do not be alarmed, I did in fact play a 1k game versus Troy's Lizardmen, I used my Ogres, and I did, in fact, NOT rage.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A strong week ago

I didn't manage to get in any games in this last weekend. My boys and I were off doing other fun things. I did drop by Hobby Quest on Sunday, but wasn't able to get a game, but my boys were able to do some painting in the store, and I felt it was a definite win. I did watch another game of Wrath of Kings, feeling a bit of temptation, but I am fighting it hard. But, that's not what I am posting about today. Today, I am posting about my games the week BEFORE. Yeah, I know, slacker. At least this way I have something to post this week. All part of my master plan. Yep, sure.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Breaking News: League Game Won

I managed to get in far more games than I have been as of late this last weekend. Four games to be exact. I rolled in to Hobby Town on Saturday a little early, but everyone was already playing, so I hung out, grabbed some lunch, and when an opponent opened up, I jump right in.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hobby Quest Tournament!!!!

I played in a Malifaux Tournament in Longmont at the Hobby Quest store. Some strong competition, and I walked out very wiped out. If you haven't been to the Hobby Quest store, I highly recommend it. They are located on 119 and 287(Ken Prat and Main) in south Longmont. It is hidden in the South West corner of the little strip mall. Hey, maybe I will get to see you there, though I don't get down there as much as I would like. Anyway, back to the tournament.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jacob Lynch double header

This past Saturday I played a double header versus a pair Lynch players, followed that up with a Bolt Action game, and then rounded out the weekend with some Relic Knights on Sunday. With a Malifaux tourney coming up in Longmont this weekend, I was glad for the practice. The Bolt Action was to give Nabors some tourney practice for one he has on the same day. The Relic Knights is for a league that I should be practicing for.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Come one, come all, painted Relic Knights

By popular demand, here is my entire(so far) Cerci collection. It is also a good portion of the line as well. So much so, that I only have two purchases to complete what is out. And since I am already planning on picking up one of them, I might as well get them both, right? Right?

Anyway, that is enough yabber. Who wants to here me talk, when you can look at pretty pictures? Hello? Curses, they all jumped to the break already. Ah, well.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Still not doing it right

I managed to get in two games of Relic Knights this past weekend. One on Saturday versus Shane and the second, on Sunday, for the league, against Matt. Both players play Doctrine, both ran Delphine. Delphine is gross at low points. She, basically, can just Infinity style Rambo, with the help of her Cypher, Ehkis. While this can be incredibly strong, it can also be a weakness, as the Doctrine player can forget to do the rest of his crew. That isn't to say that he needs the rest of his crew all that much. Did I mention Delphine is gross?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Life after Genghiscon

So, I finally posted my everything leading up to Genghiscon, but I am still not caught up. Even with inclement weather, I have still gotten games in, joined a league, and painted more Relic Knights, all with life banging on the door. But life is life, and this is a gaming blog, so, buzz off, life, we're on to the games!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Post Genghiscon Catchup

Sorry, all. I have been pretty quite for like the last month. I just haven't had time with trying to prep for Genghiscon. But that is done, and it went really well. But more on that at the end. First, I am going to try, and likely fail, to run through all of the game I have played in the last few weeks.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Marie-Claude takes on dual Relic Knights

On Saturday, during the early stages of Iron Man a couple of guys from Gryphons showed up who play Relic Knights. Another guy, who plays DzC also showed up, but he left before I got my lazy butt around to setting up a table for that. The two Relic Knights guys threw down against each other while I meandered and painted Mouslings. At the end of their game, after they grabbed food, I managed to convince them to play me in a three way free for all. I also told them I didn't care if they ran Relic Knights, and actually encouraged it. I am not sure that Questing Knights are completely unplayable in that situation, just as I am not sure Marie-Claude is the junk everyone claims. Either way, we threw down.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mission Incompletion!

Just like it says, I didn't finish even most of the models I brought for Iron Man. So, I thought I would distract you with boobs, then show what else I finished.

First up were the Mouslings. I only finished the Ranger and the Wizard, but that does make my core for the six snot noses I am running it for.

On the Relic Knight front, I completed three models. My Poison Ivy Hell's Bell has a large amount of free hand, including a #7 with a vine growing out of it on the back, and Ivy embroidered on the seat, both of which I don't seem to have a shot of. However...

I also finished Esmee, Marie-Claude's Cypher

And of course, Marie-Claude herself, complete with Hornet cosplay suit and platinum blonde hair, which turned out really well.

What I have nothing to show for is any Malifaux models. I know, I ain't representin', I aint keeping it real, but that's the sticks, deal with it.

Anyway, I also managed to get in a game of Relic Knights against a couple new comers, which was a load of fun. It was my, as yet unpainted, Marie-Claude versus One Shot and Kisaro To in a three way free for all. I should have that bat rep posted tomorrow. I am running a Malifaux tourney this Saturday, so that will likely take up most of my gaming time, and after I hope to do a run through of my Mousling SDE, so I probably won't get any games in, but who knows.

Catch ya on the flip.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Challenge

By the time this goes live, I should already be neck deep in another Iron Man Painting Challenge. I have a lot to get done, but I'm not sure I have almost 30 hours of stuff. No worries though, I will of course sneak off to play some games. Above you can see the first on the roster, my Mouslings. These are my must finish. I need them for Genghiscon, when I am running a SDE knock off at Con Jr.

I want to get my Relic Knights finish, except the flesh. I believe I mentioned earlier that I was planning to use my new found skills after the con to finish them off.

My something else model will be a Malifaux Librarian. This is mostly because I want to throw her in some of my crews, and it will be good to have one random nonthemed model I can do whatever with to break some monotony.

I also have my never finished Misaki crew on the docket. I hope to make some strides here, hopefully finishing them so I can put them on the table. Depending on them versus my Mouslings, one will be going as a unit entry. I may try and enter the other as part of a diorama, but I will just have to see.

I do have one other model that may make the table. It is my Steampunk Arielle. She is a future single miniature entry, but will not likely see competition in 2015.

So, that is what I have planned. A good portion is doable with little to no self forcing. Misaki's crew has been a bit of a thorn, but I will see. I won't be able to post anything from my camera, as I will have no way to upload, but I hope to throw some Facebook and Twitter out. My Twitter is Crimsonwraith and if you don't know my Facebook, learning it won't help you. If you don't catch either, I will still be taking pictures with my camera and releasing them sometime next weekish.

Talk at cha later.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A weekend well spent

So, it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but I am in fact not dead, nor have I wandered off. As of late I have been getting my old house ready for sale, so things have been nuts busy, and at night, when I usually post, I am so wiped out, I just go to bed. Which is also starting to hurt my prep for events I am running at Genghis. But, even with all that, and stupid weekend work schedules, I still managed to get in a few games. First up was a game where I all but forced Nabors to try Relic Knights. Then, this last weekend, I succumbed to pressure to play him in some Dropzone. I then followed up the next day with some Malifaux in Longmont. I could have done another intro for Relic Knights the weekend before last, after the game versus Nabors, but I was delirious with lack of sleep, so I went home. I hope to make good on that one this weekend. But that is another article, this one is about face stomping!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spaceships and Knights

I managed to sneak in two games this last weekend before diving into paint night. You would think with a whole day off on Saturday, I would get more. But, due to people copping out, I was short on opponents. I did manage to face Shea in Drop Zone and Mike in Relic Knights.