Sunday, January 31, 2016

Okay, probably dead

I am coming out of retirement, or at least hoping to. As anyone can see it has been far to long since I last posted. I have not been idle, but hobby progress has been nill. The big game around campus is X-Wing. After owning it for almost two years, all of a sudden, everyone has it and everyone is playing. I have become a Scum and Villainy player as of late, forsaking the Empire and piss poor pilot skill for expensive tricky pilots, drugs, and money.

However, thats not what I plan to discuss today. Instead I am going to go into depth on a Malifaux tournament I rolled into a couple weeks ago. It was ran by Russ out of the Nerd Store in Greeley. I had been trying to get over there for a while, but with work stupidity, I never had enough lead time to get it off. But, I finally did. Read on to find out how I did.