Saturday, May 20, 2017

Knee Slider

Haven't been playing a lot lately, largely due to life. Other people's lives, actually, as I don't have a life of my own. However, I was able to get in a game of Guild Ball this past week, against a guy I haven't played since my Malifaux days. Honestly, I'm not sure I ever played him or he just played in my events. Either way, he agreed to give me a game. He used his Morticians, since Engineers are over powered, and they were painted a bit. I, of course, played Masons. I had picked up Chisel forever ago, because she is awesome, and I didn't think I was going to be able to get a scene going at HT, and I wanted her. I also, more recently, picked up the Kick Off starter. It is cheaper, and I just can't let dreams die, no matter how far fetched. Well, I originally wanted to join the group at Rogue's Roost on days when the KoGT group flakes(there are only two left besides me). However, after trying to get a game in there, I found those guys to be obscenely unpleasant. Dreams are for loser anyway. But I can't let mine go, so, having a free week night, I put the Facebook call out. And low and behold, Haunted has a Wednesday night Guild Ball night. It isn't super active, but I only needed one player, and blammo, a game.

Well, that was a rambly introduction, wasn't it.
Josh's Morticians:
Brainpan and Memory
Fangtooth(apparently he forgot Bonesaw)

I ran the Kick Off team. I wanted to swap in Chisel, but being my first real game, especially of Season 3, I wanted to try the basics
I don't like Harmony all that much, but everybody says she is awesome in 3, so I thought I would try her.

He won and chose to receive. I kicked with Mallet, thinking to get him up the board. I followed up with most everyone, Flint to the left, Harmony to the right. Marbles and Brick back, near to the goal on either side, looking to counter charge anyone who came close to score. Which is less effective when he misses the pass back and the ball ends up in his backfield. I moved up, trying to push Vileswarm back to blow up in his line, but he lives, so I have to move forward, and ended up to close, taking damage. But I got the first point. One. But it is first, so it is better. Right?
He flubbed another pass, no leaving the ball out to his right backfield. I am facing a wall of stinking man flesh. So, I pile more into the center. Mallet goes down. The next turn Flint goes down. One of them got a bonus point from Graves, but Mallet spent an influence to Counter Attack Casket, so he had to knock Mallet down, which was enough to keep him out of dealing enough damage to use Casket Time. Flint came on on the left, and with Casket in the center, has a shot at Scalpel who finally has the ball. I even manage to move Harmony up to be in tap in range. However, I think Scalpel is slightly to far out, but I don't want to get all measurey, giving it all away. He moves Brainpan up to crowd Harmony, and block line from Flint. No worries, I really just want to get the ball someplace where I can grab it. But, instead of bring Scalpel out to look at the goal, he slides her along the back so that she comes out on my right of center. Okay, fine, Flint is loaded. He does his dodge, sprints, smacks Vileswarm for a couple dodges and he is threatening Scalpel, but out of influence.
The game is about to swing into my favor! Except that we have been playing for almost two hours of cagey slap fest, goals are for sissies, and I have to leave. Crap on a stick. So we called it. But, unfortunately, it didn't slake my thirst. I definitely want more. I tried to get in a game today, but nobody was down. I will likely get to play sooner or later, as long as I can get my usual flakes to give me an early no go heads up so I can line something up.
I did learn a couple of things. First, Harmony is everything I thought she would be. So, I'm swapping her out for Chisel.I also reaffirmed my suspicions that the heavy inter buffing of the core Masons leads heavy clumping, which can lead to waste and being prime for enemy effects. Also, by holding Brick and Marbles back to protect an ignored goal put me at a two player deficit.The flip side is that I think that would have turned now that Scalpel was out and about. It kind of depends how much my opponent was willing to keep grinding my team or if he wanted to go for that goal. I still have much to learn. Like what abilities I have. Also, speed may be an issue, we would have smoked a clock.
I'm really looking forward to it. Also, the entire crew is getting painted, so look for those up soon.

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