Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I played games!

So, after a couple weekends out of town and life and such things, I was able to get in not one, but two games of X-Wing over the past weekend. I ran basically the same list. I played Paul both times, and I managed some wins on top.

My List:
Fenn Rau - Protectorate Starfighter
    Concord Dawn Protector
    Advanced Proton Torpedoes(game 1)/ Ion Torpedoes(game 2)
Laetin A'Shera - M3-A Interceptor
    Heavy Scyk
    Mangler Cannon
    Stealth Device
Talonbane - Kihraxz Fighter
    Lightning Reflexes
    Stealth Device
100pts(game 1)/98pts(game 2)

Paul ran three Arc Fighters both games, but changed the fidlies in between.
The first game was basically a joust off. Thing is, my list is better at jousting. I found the APT to be just to much work sans Guri. I didn't get to use it at all. At the beginning, I was worried about the amount of shields and hull staring back at me, but while he came to me for a bit of jousting, things went very well in my favor.

In between games, I pointed out that he may not have the best squad for jousting. So, to begin the second game, he spread a little more. He still moved in towards each other, allowing me some jousting. I did do some splitting because of his formation, and wasted my ion torpedo on an Arc that was on an asteroid that ended in a position that I couldn't capitalize on without landing on myself. He did a great deal more damage this time. In the end, he ran into an asteroid that would have given me a free turn of shooting, though he didn't take any damage. However, it wasn't needed, as I finished him off that turn.

Both games were a ton of fun, and I was glad to pull out the Scum again after a little while. The list seems strong, but I have already made some changes. The Starfighter drops the ion torpedo for a flechette torpedo, which gives me enough points to give the K Fighter an Ion Pulse missile.

This weekend looks like we will be playing Firefly, but I hope to get it on the table again soon. We shall see if I manage to get some pictures and write up a report of my win *smirk*

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