Wednesday, July 12, 2017

40K, now with missions

I did manage to get in a game this last weekend. The game was against Paul and Alex's Eldar and Space Marine forces. I was running my Night Lords list, but added a Predator with autocannon and heavy bolters, a unit of raptors, and, at the last minute, a unit of cultists. My list comes to 1885 without the cultists and 101 power level. The cultists were a last minute addition to make up a few power level. Ironically the cultists turned out to be clutch.

I managed to talk my opponents into trying a mission, and rolled up The Scouring. This is the only mission I have played in 8th, and this is the second time. Hey, I was just happy to not be playing kill all. I was able to finish deploying first, by one unit, and went back and forth on going first or second. In the end, I decided I wanted them a little closer, and went second. Much to the regret of my Predator.
I had set up the Predator with two Rhinos, one carrying my secondary Chaos Lord on the left, facing his Fire Prisms. Which gained the interest of said Fire Prisms. Which blew said Predator into little, tiny bits. However, most of the rest of my force went unscathed as a result. And I thought the new edition would mean my Predator would actually DO something. I guess it's still a Predator.
The rest of my plan worked though. By going second, I was able to act on their movement, putting them more in my threat range. Both Heldrakes, with help, went after the Crimson Hunter. Cause, I gotta. They didn't manage to kill it, but ah well. I was able to do some minor damage across the board, but not really any killing.
On the second turn, he spread damage far and wide, but didn't finish anything else off. For my turn, I was able to do some finishing, and wracked up a few kills, including Alex's dreadnought and bike squad, and one of Paul's Fire Prisms. Ah, revenge. I wasn't able to crack his Wave Serpent though, hoping to get to the creamy, Eldrad center.
Oh, and my Cultists moved up onto an objective, scoring me two points, a Rhino monopolized another for two, and my warlord tied his terminator on another. We both snagged Line Breaker, due to some wonky charging on my part, and they easily had First Blood. The final score was 3-2 to me. I also managed to have done the most damage. An odd turn for me. I think if the game had to length, they would have been able to push a slow creep out to take objectives and push me back with some hurt.
Another awesome game. I am really enjoying the new edition, and look forward to more games on the horizon.
Also, my painting has ground to a halt, but that is because my casting has started, and I will have Rhinos that look like full on actual vehicles very soon.

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