Friday, August 11, 2017

The battle for Konor

I managed to get in not one, but two games for the Fate of Konor global campaign over the weekend. All for the glory of Chaos, but not always using Chaos. Hmmmm..... I also did some X-Wing Mario Kart racing.

Game 1 was on Saturday. Paul, Alex, and I pulled out the campaign mission. As I was playing Chaos, I was the defender, versus Alex's Space Marines, flavored with Paul's Aeldari(or possibly the other was around).The mission was basically kill points, though they counted double if KILLED by a unit with 2+ or 3+ armor naturally. This kind of put Paul at a disadvantage. For secondaries, there was only Slay the Warlord, and I, as defender, got a point if I had a unit in my deployment zone at the end of the game.

My list:
2x Chaos Lords with dual plasma pistols
4x Chosen with combi-melta, combi-flamer, and two plasma guns
4x Rhinos for the Chosen. Combi-bolter, combi-plasma, and havoc launchers
3 Spawn
5 Raptors. Bolt pistol and chainsword
2x Heldrakes with Baleflamers
10 Cultists

I deployed forward, with most of my tanks behind a ruin. I was able to put the Predator into the ruin, giving him cover, though he didn't really get shot at. The cultists went in the back field, behind a silo. It should be noted, I was using the rules for a regular autocannon(2 shots) instead of a PREDATOR autocannon(2d3 shots), it came off as lack luster. Both Paul and Alex had a tendency to repeatedly horseshoe protect their characters. Meaning they put guys in front and beside, but not behind. Heldrakes fly 30". They are quite excellent at swooping behind and deleting a character. Basically, I played a very cagey game, not my usual run forward. I held my left flank back, in and around the ruin my Predator was in. My right flank pushed forward, slowly forward, roping in his wave serpent full of Guardians. I did, foolishly, blow up my own, full health, Rhino with plasma. Epic. But, in the end, it just came down to me doing a lot of damage, and having all 3+ saves. My cultists also did an excellent back field job.

Game 2 was on Sunday. I went into the Warhammer Store to report the win from the day before(HT isn't participating in the event) and brought my Eldar along. They are painted, no non-GW models, and easily transported. When I walked in to give my results, Shea was there. He was already playing a game. Chaos versus IG. His opponent had misread the scenario and thought high saves gave extra points, not got them. This meant that only his Leman Russ could double points. While I was watching them, a guy named Travis showed up, and was up for a game. So, we pulled out our forces, and it turned out Eldar on Eldar. I was strapped for time, so we did 500 points.

My list:
Farseer on jetbike
2x 3 Windriders with catapults
10 Hellions

His list:(as I remember)
Autarch - don't remember equipment
3 Windriders with catapults
4 Dark Reapers
5 Dire Avengers
5 Striking Scorpions

My original plan was to run the whole bunch as Ynnari, but the FAQ says you can't without a Ynnari character. As you're warlord. Which all come together in a $75 box, and none of them appeal to me. So, back to mixed Aeldari. As we were both Aeldari, we rolled off for attacker/defender, he won and chose defender. Which was fine by me, I was the defender the day before. He set up pretty far back, but had the scorpions forward in a wood. I moved up and layed down some fire onto the scorpions, whom were doomed, and my Hellions were very sad as their charge target evaporated in front of them.
I played this game very agressive, and was rewarded early on. His scorpions, warlock and dire avengers all went down. However, I was also taking return damage. Lots of it. And as his Reapers have a 3+, they were getting double points. I quickly lost two Windriders from each squad, but was able to place both of the remaining members in front of my Farseer. They died, but it took all of his shooting and, thus, the Farseer lived. For a little bit. In the end, I was tabled, he had Reapers in his deployment zone, and his Autarch and Windriders left.
In good fortune, though, he put his points against the Imperium, and with Elites, he got double points, where I would have gotten only 1. There were some rules mistakes, but I'm not sure it would have overly affected the game. Afterwards, I did some math and realized that Shuriken Catapults are better than Cannons, especially in this match up. Travis gave me his card, so I will be letting him know when I will be headed in for a quick Sunday game.

On Monday, we went to Hobby Town to get Dylan some paint, and I ended up picking up the X-Wing Force Awakens starter, so we now have enough templates for all 3 of us to play in a tournament. I gave the X-Wing to Dylan and the TIEs to Aidan. So, on Tuesday we set up a X-Wing Mario Kart game. I ran the Heavy Scyk, without a weapon, but with Engine Upgrades. Aidan ran a TIE FO with Engine Upgrades, Adaptability, and something else. Dylan pulled out an A-Wing with the barrel roll upgrade and Push the Limit. We didn't run any obstacles, I thought get used to it first. I was able to take an early lead and basically just flew around the board doing move boost. I set a small gap in one wall as a short cut, managed to squeak through, WHILE IONED. The boys, however, also tried and got stuck. They did catch me up a bit using a blue shell before I made a checkpoint, but I was still half a lap ahead. We only did 3 laps, but I can see it as a very useful way to improve flying skills. Items and boosts matter less to placement and thinking ahead. Dylan built his own map, which we will probably play on later today. I plan to take a slower, less agile ship, as a sort of handicap. We will see.

Well, that's another week in the can. It has been quiet around here, as things have been busy, I haven't gotten many games, though I did run an X-Wing tournament the week before, so that was fun.

Til next time...

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