Sunday, February 19, 2017

False start and a face plant

As I have mentioned, GW has a Blood Bowl League going on. So far, my LGS can't get the info to put in games, but I am still playing. When I get some games posted, I will tag my league site on here. Anyway, the Saturday before last I started a game versus Paul's Orc Island Raiders. We only managed to get in two turns before I had to run grab my kids. When I returned, one of them threw up, so that was that game. We did meet up on Thursday for a game, and I will get into that after the break. I also ran a X-Wing tournament last Saturday. Well, "ran" is probably the wrong word. It was more of get off work early, race over, set up tables, wait for a while, clean up tables, go home. Yep, nobody showed. It was super exciting.
Well, anyway, onto the game that was exciting.

When I came in on Thursday, Paul and I discussed reseting the Saturday game, as we had pictures, or just starting a new one. As the other game was two turns, no scores, no casualties, we just went with a restart. Paul is running the starter set, minus a Black Orc who was out with a hip injury from our first game. Muahaha. I am running 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Runners and 5 Linemen on my Norse team. No injuries, again, Muahaha. I finally managed to win a kick off flip, and chose to receive. Paul kicked off, planning to put it back on my left side. It of course went into the crowd allowing me to hand the ball to whoever.

Things went well early, I managed to punch a hole in the left side and send a runner up. I took the ball and rushed it up, choosing to Go For It, and my runner fell on his ass. There is a theme here, wait for it. This led to a scuffle around the ball, but I was able to come up with it, and started to run the wrong way.Luckily, Paul is a good guy and told me I was screwing the pooch, so I turned around and went for a touchdown.
So, with my turn to kick, Paul had placed his receivers rather far back, but left both flanks open, likely hoping to push the center. I decided that I could likely hold his line in place, forcing dodges. So, I placed the ball rather far forward, thinking he would have to use his movement to get it or risk a failed dodge. Then we rolled for kick off and got the one where my unengaged players can take a free turn. Which was both of my runners. So, I managed to pull and onside kick. One runner went forward, and grabbed the ball. The second went up to tie up his guy that was a bit forward. I also had a free thrower that backed the second runner up. Unfortunately for Paul, things didn't go well, and he turned over on double ones. I followed up with a lightning fast turn to try and protect my runner that was over before my first action. But, not to be out done, Paul went ahead and flubbed a roll, giving it right back. I then, finally, broke free and went running down the board.
On my second GFI, my runner fell on his ass and dropped the ball, which bounced into the crowd, and back to him, but he was on his butt. Paul then sent an Orc down the field to snag the ball. At this point, my son's school called, I need to come to the school. Crap! I asked if Paul wanted to wait, but he said just call it. I had a point, the ball was deep in his backfield, and he was down two casualties this game, plus the Black Orc. Fair enough, we called it, and I got another win. We rolled up end game real quick, I managed to get a whopping 20k for my win, but my team got into some stuff and cost me 10 grand. Paul also rolled poorly, but his end profit from the loss was 20k, 10k more than me. What the hooey. My lineman Sven ended up with MVP and will be getting Dauntless. He ain't ascared.

I am currently 2-0-1 for the league, with four casualties dealt and two points scored. Feeling good. Still 20k short of a Werewolf, but I found the models for my coach, cheerleader, and she-werewolf. The weather has been nice, so hopefully I can get some paint on them. I didn't realize my cheerleader is showing a tit, so I have to decide what to do there. I may leave it, but my kids may see and then I have to explain. Hmmmm....

Well, anyway, catchya next time.

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