Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I snagged a rematch today. Or near enough. Dane and I played again and the strategy was Plant Explosives. For schemes we flipped Hold Up Their Forces, Deliver a Message, Claim Jump, Outflank, and Take Prisoner. Three of which we had on Friday. The deployment was corners however, so that was a change. My list barely changed, his changed a lot.

My crew:
2x Waifs
Rusty Alyce with Servant of Dark Powers
2x Necropunks
7 ss

His crew:
Doctor McMourning - Whisper
Rogue Necromancy - Grave Spirit's Touch
2x Canine Remains

Turn one was mostly just moving forward, with Tara summoning a Void Hunter.
Turn two began with the Rogue Necromancy charging the left Necropunk and taking him down to two wounds. Worried that he might die, he leaped out of engagement to within 3" of the corner, dropped his explosive across the center line, and concentrated. On the opposite side, McMourning followed suit and charged into the other Necropunk, poisoning and wounding the right Necropunk. Along the way, McMourning drops an explosive on my side. As the Scavenger had given Tara fast, the Void Hunter popped out, gave McMourning fast, charged him, and was able to bury McMourning. Tara and the Void Hunter continue to wound McMourning in the Void and Tara summons another Void Hunter. Leveticus gets hit by Sebastian and other in the center, and dies at the end of the turn popping out of the left Waif. End of turn, we both have Plant Explosives and feel pressure, I decide to declare Outflank.
Turn three starts to see a clear separation of the board. It begins with one Void Hunter killing the Canine Remains on my right. As I had used the dogs fast last turn to bring out the second Hunter, I was able to hand the Canine's Explosive to the unactivated Void Hunter.  That Void Hunter dropped the Explosive and moved off. The Scavenger used Weird Device on himself, picking up a Red Joker with tools, and then grabbed the Explosive McMourning had dropped. His Nurse also picked up his Red Joker, but Leveticus's attack and Sebastian's defense match, so my RJ meant that I would get through. I did have to use my self-damage trigger however, so no Abomination. My left Necropunk of course went down, surrounded. I also put McMourning in that corner. McMourning was able to move 17 poison on to Rusty, plus damage, all but guaranteeing her death. For Rusty's part, she was able to get away from McMourning with a disengage and charge the Chihuahua. After killing the Chihuahua and having already lost 5 poison to damage from McMourning, she only needed a moderate on my last stone to live. Unfortunately, I flipped weak, so she died. But the rest of the turn went smashing. I again got Plant Explosive, and because I had grabbed McMourning's explosive, he only had one from the Rogue, so no point.
At this point we called it due to time. I think Dane was also feeling the pressure a bit. I was going to get full points for Plant Explosive. As the board was full on split, I had the only point for Outflank, and he had also chosen it. We both had Hold Up Their Forces, which could have scored points for us, but I was only going to send in cheap models, Hunters and Punks, as nothing else would have been helpful.
I feel like I really bagged this one and that the crew I have been running is strong for Plant Explosives. I don't think it has it elsewhere, but here it is spot on. I have been doing fairly well lately and I am looking forward to another game this weekend.

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